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Transmission 2.50 has been released and is already available in Ubuntu 12.04 and Fedora 17.
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paul f
got the update on 11.10 today. Looks ok - but the nice icon doesnt show up on the panel anymore.
paul f
i just got the 2.5 update via the update manager. 2.42-0ubuntu0.11.10.1 to 2.50-0ubuntu0.11.10.2
( along with the matching common and gtk components )
+paul fourie I guess you could ask the PPA maintainers. It looks like there might be a release soon there.
hopefully this will pop up in 11.10 aswell? or do i need to add the ppa?
paul f
I raised the bug on lanchpad against the ppa. sorry for the hassle.
ah ok, well i guess i can do it manually :)
Thanks for the awesome info.
paul f
new transmission update for ubuntu 11.10 this morning with icon on panel working again. huzzah!
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