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I have this (long) chapter in one of my books where I explain that I started doing porn because I like having sex with the hot chicks that I get to meet because I do porn.
I also explain that it's weird to me that I even have to explain that.
Now I am writing this Google + post explaining that it's even weirder that this person read my book and apparently doesn't believe that explanation.
What is life like on Planet "Really, Guys Like Sex With Hot Chicks"?
(Oh, also, if this is the first post you've seen from me in a while, it probably means you are not in any of my circles because you added me without telling me which circles you were in. So send me a + message saying whether you want to hear about art or porn or what)
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Trent B

I do life drawing modelling, often get gigs at Hen's nights (apparently hen's nights differ from Bucks Nights...)... its kind of similar. People ask the same kinds of questions... I dont really understand why i need to explain that "I get paid to stand naked in front of a room of champagne swilling women" because obviously I would do that for free.

Err... obviously by 'kind of similar' i mean 'not that similar when you think about it'. Heh.
Is the reason you continued to do porn the same as the one that led you to your first shoot or to even look into it?
Positive review tho!
I think the reviewer clearly would need some further emotional mechanism in place in order for him to do porn, and is basically balking at the idea that someone would shoulder all the social/cultural baggage "just in order to have sex with hot chicks" because he wouldn't. Which is funny since he obviously came to the book looking for some explication of this, but found "some people aren't you" to be wanting in some way that he doesn't feel comfortable discussing quite as frankly. So, yeah, lol.
Well, see, there's your problem, he's from Cambridge.
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