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This is our interview with painter and draftsman Sean McCarthy on We Eat Art. There's murder and terror and animals and tragedy and true tales of Texas and New York.
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This week on the We Eat Art podcast we interview Valerie Hegarty. If you ever wanted to throw a harpoon at a painting or take an idea your dad got while mowing the lawn and show it at an art gallery, you'll relate.
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ACLU benefit auction right here--you tell me what you want me draw & how much you'll pledge, high bid in 24hrs wins. Start: 1000$
The drawing will be mailed to you as soon as its done, you can tweet your bid and request (@zaksmithsabbath) or email zakzsmith AT hawtmayle. 

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Our interview with artist Nicholas DiGenova/ Medium is up and we talk about mutant animals and video games and that time a dentist dropped a scalpel down his throat it's fun
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What's it like to be at ground zero of a revolution? What's it like to have that art be a functional part of the revolution? What's it like to have to flee the country because your government hates your art? What's it like trying to follow Uncanny X-Men in Egypt before the internet? Ganzeer answers it all in this suuuuuper fun interview

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hey foreigners--shipping is free at the store that does my prints today

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So, we record these WeEatArt artist interviews long before we put them up but this week's one with Jane Dickson is pretty now-relevant. She talks about being an artist in the Reagan era--and the larger NY scene including Basquiat, Sol LeWitt, Charlie (Wild Style) Ahearn, Kiki Smith, Fab 5 Freddy--how artist had to stick together, what NYC was like("as long as nobody knifed you, you were on easy street") and also--how all the guys she wanted to give her jobs wanted to fuck her but the guy she wanted to fuck (from Studio 54) wanted to give her a job..
It's a lot about how, when opportunities are limited, artists cluster together and support each other (""by 86 we were deep into AIDS and half the people I knew were dying or died") but it's also about how she kept an individual voice so there's a lot to think about. And places little girls aren't supposed to go. And strippers. Anyway here it is:

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We talked to Trenton Doyle Hancock about Otto Dix, having a ballet made out of your art & Havok & Wolverine Meltdown . If you like the interviews we're doing--leave an iTunes review, it's not hard or painful. Also if all you see from me is these interview posts you should send me a private message saying what circles you want to be added to

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"I hated being a kid, I was really bad at it"
Here's our in-depth interview with Molly Crabapple
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