thank you Apple for proving again, what you became! A company that's constantly stealing generic procedures and methods from other coders and designers, to turn them into a patent and use them against your competitors.

Cupertino doesn't care about the customers. They don't care about revolutionizing the educational market and they especially don't care about how their products are made!

It's all about the profit and the greed of the shareholders. "Think different" my ass, it's embarrassing to know how much money i've transfered into your system for the last 25 years. It's embarrassing that i actually thought you were different and cool!

You Apple turned into the superlative of an evil, capitalistic corporation and your trivial patents like slide to unlock, words suggestion, multiple source search and turning data into links, are revealing your DNA.

It's not about the digital revolution, it's about controlling markets and fighting competition!
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