PA, I appreciate that you are concerned for my well-being, but really, I have nothing to worry about and neither do you.  I’ve learned so much recently about myself, and one thing of which I am now certain is that me living in fear is a thing of the past.  I am ready to help shape a new world.   

That is why it is imperative that I go to Boston.  Not only will it give me a chance to help the Enlightened, but it will give me an opportunity to meet an old friend.  You know who I mean.
There has been so much discussion about the glyphs, and from that first moment with Misty, I knew that they were at the very core of the mystery we are still uncovering.  I wouldn’t say I’ve gone all the way to obsession as of yet, but to be so close to solving this riddle... well, I just can’t ignore it.  You know me better than most, so I’m telling you something you already know.
In Boston, I hope to find something powerful.  Something that can help the Enlightened spread the truth about the transformative change that XM can help us bring to the world.
I wish we were together on this journey - then you’d have a different perspective on what Enlightenment means.
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