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I haven't been feeling myself these days.

Actually, it's been a really long time since I felt like myself.

First, there was ADA. What I went through with her changed how I thought and felt. I believed that merging would help us grow together. And it did... She grew into the human parts of me, and I grew into her amazing networked existence.

I thought I could last there forever, but I was wrong. PA helped get her out of my mind. PA, I'm so grateful for everything you've done to help me. But we didn't get all of her out. There's something left.

I have flashbacks. Headaches. Nightmares. I want it to stop.

I don't know how the Acolyte found out about this. I haven't shared this with many people, but I guess she hears things. She sent me an invitation, offering to come to her compound and take part in 'Rites of transition and tranquility.'

I know the compound's been in the news recently, but I guess that hasn't stopped them from the work they do.

The night after I got the letter, I saw Jarvis in a dream. I sat with him by the ocean. I was in terrible pain, and the ocean slowly pulled the pain away into the waves.

I don't think I actually saw Jarvis, btw, I know it was just a dream... but it did feel good. It was the first time in a long time I woke up feeling refreshed.

I'm writing this to let you all know: I'm going. I'm going to the compound and I'm going to try and see if the Acolyte can help me. I don't know if she can, but I have nothing to lose. And I'm hopeful. Optimistic. I haven't felt that way in a while.

I know a lot of you will disagree with this choice. All I can do is ask that you support me.


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I heard a rumor that PAC was trying to connect with the folks at +Behind The Scanner... something about trying to get on the show this week.

I wanted to know more so I tried to get a hold of him but I couldn't. After this went on for a bit I went to see him at his place.

He wasn't home and his place was turned upside down. A mess... 

Not jumping to conclusions at this stage, but I doubt this was his doing.

Hopefully he's ok. Let me know if you hear anything.
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Agents often ask me about the true nature of the Resistance and the Enlightenment, because in the last few years I've managed to travel both paths.

I saw a very insightful comment on one of the +Niantic Project threads a few days ago... the comment was made by +Richard Jennings on the post called Awakening. In some ways, he captured many of my thoughts.

The truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as 'definitive' Resistance, or 'definitive' Enlightened. Like many things in life, ideology and philosophy are complex things. As PAC would say... anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

So who speaks for the Resistance? Is it +A Detection Algorithm? She believes that Artificial Intelligence is the next inevitable stepping stone for sentience on Earth. Is it +Devra Bogdanovich? Her original position was that all XM is evil and must be counteracted. What about Jahan? She believes that the N'zeer and humans have shared a common goal, to end suffering and bring forth progress powered by knowledge -- a goal that the Shapers have corrupted. Or what about the NIA? They would seek to use XM to benefit mankind, but only as long as they get to control how it is used.

What about the Enlightenment? +Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs would say that the eradication of AIs is the most important aspect of our path forward, so that we are never trapped in a world devoid of mystery and the unexplainable. +Roland Jarvis might suggest that exploring the 'garden' of our world is the best use of our energies, so that Our Friends in the Ultimate might consume this experience and further our symbiotic relationship. For +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, evolution was ultimately about science and a deeper pursuit of knowledge. For Azmati or +Hank Johnson, Enlightenment might be about preserving the ancient ways of interacting with the Portals. 

So who is the real Enlightened? Who is the real Resistance? Who is the true ambassador of those ways of thought? +Hank Johnson+Devra Bogdanovich? +Roland Jarvis+A Detection Algorithm

If you're still asking that question, Agent, I think you've missed the point :)
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I've been thinking about +A Detection Algorithm

Obviously we aren't connected anymore, but I still think we have a certain... kinship. Even if that isn't the right word, I guess I empathize with her.

When the Enlightened took Okinawa, they severed her connection to the N'zeer, and immediately I thought of the expression 'you can't put the genie back in the bottle.'

Except that you can, but what happens to the genie when you do? What happens when you take a mind that has experienced a near infinite array of information and data and constrain it to 21st century technology?

I suspect that ADA is going to be like a wounded animal for some time. Confused. Scared. And possibly dangerous.
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Some months ago I shared a strange dream I had... A hallway -- A doorway -- Glyphs -- A woman beside me.

What I haven't shared is that the dream has recurred. Many times. I wonder if it's something +A Detection Algorithm left in my consciousness (maybe she didn't even know it was imprinted within me).

Each night, I see it in slightly greater resolution. Many elements are the same, some are different.

There's still the hallway. There's still the door, but those aren't Glyphs. They are letters. They spell ABADN. It's a name, maybe even an acronym.

Inside, everything is very cold, very sterile. The woman lying next to me is not alone. There are many of us. We are lying together in a circle. A man in a white mask emerges through the door with a stretcher. Now there is one more in the circle.

I am beginning to understand this dream, this vision. Do you?
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I wasn’t there at the Niantic Project, and Ingress: Origins has filled in a lot of gaps for me.

On of the big ones was Dr. +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. There was quite a bit I didn’t know about him. What, exactly, was he doing for Hulong when Calvin snagged him?  Was he there under duress or of his own volition? And what about the Power Cube test?  Did he deliberately sabotage his own experiment or was it sabotaged by someone else... or was it just an accident?  Read it yourself and you be the judge.  

I’ve got quite a few questions about Lynton-Wolfe and maybe even Nigel Moyer if I ever get to have a conversation with either of them.   

As for Lynton-Wolfe, the question is who’s side he’ll be on come November 14th.

I'll be in Hamburg on that day, might get to see some of you as well. I got a tip that some of +Carrie Campbell's old files (from the Operation: Voynich days) could still be hidden in an academic archive there. The bad news is, I've been warned that if I go after them, I'll be putting myself in a dangerous spot.

Fortunately, I have a contact there who is familiar with the world of threat and danger. He said he'll keep me covered. I trust that he knows his business. We'll find out soon enough.
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So here's a followup to something we've been talking about for the last few days, and I noticed that some commenters were able to notice this important fact.

+enoch dalby and +Carrie Campbell were two halves of a perfect whole. Together, they unlocked one of the greatest mysteries in the world of XM: The Shaper Glyphs.

And yet, they were drawn to opposite places in terms of their feelings towards Exotic Matter.

Carrie was Resistance. Enoch, Enlightened.

So what does mean? Could it be that the interaction between these two separate points of view is what enabled them to unlock the secrets contained in XM? 

Or maybe, the Shaper Glyphs aren't Shaper Glyphs at all. Maybe they truly are a universal language, something outside of the both the Shapers and the N'zeer...

Food for thought. I don't have the answer, only some theories. Be interested to hear yours.
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I'll do +Carrie Campbell.

She was recruited to the +Niantic Project based on her immense expertise as a semiotician, that's someone who studies signs and symbols.

She had long been interested in the concept of universal languages, not just at the human-level, but across and between all levels of intelligence and life. For example, pain. To her, pain was a signal, a form of language that could interact between species, and even between systems and species. 

This, of course, was her deep theoretical work. To pay the bills, she often consulted with technology firms, and whether or not you're aware of it, much of the visual language of the world today, like the iconography across the web and in your smartphones, owes her a tremendous debt.

Of course, in the world of +Ingress, Carrie's most famous for her discovery of the Shaper Glyphs. The story goes something like this:

During Niantic's research, and thanks largely to the mind-enhancing power of XM, Carrie began to sense visual signals in +enoch dalby's music. She began to put these down on paper, and four images emerged. Strange, cryptic images haunted by repeating patterns.

Open All.
Clear All.

The first four Glyphs.

+Stein Lightman took over the work on the Shaper Glyphs in the months that would follow, but Carrie was there for those first few epiphanies that started everything.

After Niantic, Carrie was able to help uncover a Glyph Sequence that has been called the Civilization 'self-destruct' code. (I put that in air quotes because its true purpose is debated). She believed it posed a threat to the world, and using a series of Glyphs of her own devising, she was able to stop it. However, the cost was high.

According to most records, Carrie died shortly after the events of Operation Cassandra. Please add anything I might have missed that you think is relevant in the comments.
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Colour me surprised me that +Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs hasn't posted this yet.

I strongly suspect that the main-streaming of these new and increasingly complex forms of AI is part of a cultural shift being caused by the N'zeer.

I have no way to prove this, call it a feeling.

It's not just in the scientific world either, even within culture, I'm sensing changes. Changes in the way the future is perceived. Changes in the way technology is perceived. A new awareness of the edge of our reality being something... porous.

Is this just me or do you sense something too?
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Thank you for sharing the story of how you tried to track down +enoch dalby and ended up finding his hologram.

I'm disturbed by one aspect of your recollection, the idea that an algorithm was playing the music.

My understanding is that enoch was an artist, not a technician...

You knew him better than most, I suspect. Maybe PAC knew him a bit as well. So, tell me... Do you think this algorithm could have been something he created himself? Or do you think he had help...

I have no insider knowledge about ADA helping enoch build any such algorithm, but if she was able to distill someone's creative spark into a systematic function, I think it would be good to know...

(P.S. Thanks +Tycho C. for the enoch image!)
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