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the home town girl...
the home town girl...

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Hello, Dutchie.Found your profile in the White Pages. How are you and your family? This site is new to me and it said all the associated people in your name. It also includes your address in New Jersey. Maybe we can communicate with each other again after so many years. Dahan kamo pirmi. By the way, hugs and kisses to Anna Vic, your dad and mom and the rest of the family members. Kay Manong Dodo ag kay Dorothy pa gid. I love the Mabasas.

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                         The Pleasant Lady That She Is

               She has her mother as her distant reminder
                   To have a decent living from a far off land
                       To ask or not to, to choose and choose
                           There is nothing left to do but work like a horse.

               Suitors, friends, gentle and not
                    She turned down and said her no's
                         And then came the fear of aging alone
                             She asked God to give her children of her own.

               She is respectful as she was respected
                      She is teaching as she was taught
                            She laughed and cried
                                  She remembers and never forgot.

               She loved and she will always be
                     How can we pay her back?
                           When up to now we cannot be with her?
                                 Will accepting the hurtful truth be enough?

                    Blessed as the inspiration,
                          The light of our homes,
                                And the family's monarch,
                                       She will live by with the happy thought
                                             That we too grew as good citizens.

                    We miss you, Auntie Susan Advincula Sarabia Regalado   



                               Leaving and Living

                         The movies I have watched
                          The songs I have listened to 
                          The television show I have watched
                           And the stories of my neighbors.

                           There are no comparisons
                           There are consistensies
                            There are new beginnings
                             With happy endings.

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Good Friday Procession in Kalibo, Aklan
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     I have noticed that my circle of friends here in Google don't post rhymes, poems or "tula" in Tagalog. This was written to inspire my own family circle, my neighbors who might be less fortunate but lives quite contentedly day by day as long as we are together.

                    May mga taong hindi mo mabago
                    Ang kanilang paningin sa iyo.
                    Ang magmukhang mayaman
                    Ay iyong ginusto,
                    Pero pinagtrabaho.

                    Hindi porke at ika'y maputi,
                    Naliligo ka lagi-lagi.
                    Na ang mga baro mong bago,
                    Ay kanila ring ginusto.

                    Siyempre, maiisip mo ...
                    Na sige, mga luma na lamang
                    Ang gagamitin ko.
                    Nang di na nila mapuna
                    Ang kanilang pagkatalo.

                    Pero, paano?
                    Kung sa kanilang pakikitungo
                    At sa iyong panlulumo ...
                    Kung anong wala sila,
                    Ay mas higit pa ...
                    Sa kung ano mang meron sila.

                    Na ikaw ay mag-isa,
                    At sila ay isang pamilya ...
                    Na tumutugon
                    Sa panalangin mo
                    Na ako at sila ay magiging iisa
                    Sa Ngalan ng Ama. 

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   We met when I was happy. I am with my friends, you are with yours. They know each other but we were not introduced. I knew you from grade school but you seemed so cool. With the group of people that you are chilling with. In that nice place so perfect for us to have a date. 

    You left the restaurant. I stayed with my friends. The evening is still young to call it a night. So we went looking for an open bar. They had beer and I had water. With you in my mind, you left me mesmerized. Of course you didn't know I am still thinking which way did you go home to.

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昨日は寒かった(((=д=))) 今日も寒い。家の中でも手が冷たい;;
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