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Passionate about people


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Kicking off a new channel (I will sub back from one of my established channels)

Hi, I am creating courses on user research and would greatly appreciate feedback from people who care deeply about user experience.

I do usability testing and user research, spending a lot of my time in the field meeting users. My first course on the subject is adapted from a talk I give at conferences.

If this topic is interesting to you, there is a link in the comments to take my course for free. I really need feedback on how to make it better. Thanks for any thoughts you can share. This is not an up-sell or anything like that, I just need to hear your thoughts.

I'd like to interview a couple founders or UX people who are working on products that are focused on a strong user experience and who either have done user research or have started to develop a plan to do so. The format of the interview would be e-mail at first, possibly following up to Skype/Hangout.

I am developing a curriculum teaching how to do user research.

Questions would relate to:
Do you describe your product development cycle as agile?
What steps are you currently taking to get feedback from users?
What kind of data do you need to take to your decision makers to get buy-in?
Are you using formal research methodologies or more of a guerrilla style approach with your user research?
What outcomes do you aim for (or home to get) from your research?


Hello, I made a two hour course on user testing and research and I need some feedback. If anyone wants to take it for FREE, there is a link in the comments. I would greatly value some extra eyes on it. I have given a shorter version of this at conferences, but I think it turned out way different in front of the camera vs in front of an audience.

About me, I do usability testing and user research for a big company. I spend a lot of my time in the field watching users and listening to their challenges. I use a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, focusing mostly on small sample sizes and then quickly sharing my findings back to agile development teams.

This class basically teaches the methods to get started quickly doing the work I do. I am NOT trying to up-sell anyone, I just want some legit feedback from people who care about UX.

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Giving HitFilm Express a try. Can it replace Premiere?
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100% of the posts on my Google+ feed are shared articles or image ads. There is nothing social about this network.
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Free beta access to my new course on how to build websites without any code using only freely available tools. If you want to take my course for free, please sign up here. It should be available mid-week.
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Me and a friend are taking turns writing a paragraph for a story. We each write one paragraph and then turn it over to the other person to continue it. I have no clue where it's going, how it will end, or even who the characters are yet. Fun!
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How to get help promoting my book?
In numerous areas of my professional life I've proven to myself again and again that I suck at marketing. I am about to make a revision to a non-fiction book I wrote that has received great reviews and is published using Kindle Select.

Numerous sources suggest using some free days and sharing the book to various free book lists. This seems to make sense, but I think I could use some help. I looked at Fiverr and found a lot of shady or questionably looking services.

Questions: How does a person go about finding someone to help with marketing? How much should it cost? And finally, how do I tell if the person is using best-practices (rather than shady or questionably valuable techniques)?
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