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Kyle Brooks
A photographer, hiker, and birder.
A photographer, hiker, and birder.

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Some Early Blooms
It's that wonderful time of year again; more and more wildflowers are blooming! The spring wildflower season begins in Ohio with the blooming of Skunk Cabbage in February, and slowly picks up speed until the end of March. With the arrival of April, the spri...

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An Ode to the Common Gartersnake
I love snakes, and my favorite
species is the Common Gartersnake, Thamnophis
sirtalis . As the name implies, this species happens to be one of the most
common snakes in much of the United States. But although the Common Gartersnake
is abundant and widesprea...

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In Search of Green
We're on the cusp of Spring. The temperatures are rising. The birds who overwintered here are brushing up on their vocal skills. The Skunk Cabbage and Harbinger of Spring are blooming. The daylight period is getting longer. The amphibians are attempting to ...

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Follow Up: What the Trump Presidency Has Meant for the Environment So Far
Back on November 14, 2016, I
published an editorial on my blog entitled “What might a Donald Trump
Presidency Mean for the Environment?” ( Link ) Trump had not taken up the role as president just yet, but we were already beginning
to see what kind of direct...

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My Favorite Photographs of 2016
Although I put thought into every photo that I post on my blog, most of them are taken without an artistic intent. The vast majority of the photos I use on my blog were shot with the intent to highlight some interesting natural subject that was before me. I...

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What might a Donald Trump presidency mean for the environment?
I normally
reserve this blog for educational purposes pertaining to various natural science
topics, but the results of the November 8th election need to be discussed. I
understand that there will be readers who will not like this, and those who
would rather...

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Fact Check: "Poisonous Canadian Caterpillar Invades Midwest!"
Every year around the beginning of Autumn I see a story passed around on various social media outlets, especially Facebook. All these stories are titled something to the effect of " Poisonous/Venomous Caterpillar Found in assorted locations," and they're ...

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Hiking The Narrows
A couple weeks ago I covered one of Zion National Park's most well-known hiking experiences, Angels Landing . This week I want to cover probably the most well-known hiking experience at Zion Nation Park, The Narrows. Zion National Park lies in the Southwest...

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Hiking Angels Landing
I woke up early, packed up my tent, and drove the short distance from my
dispersed campsite to Springdale, Utah. With my daypack on my back, and
my trek poles in my hands, I boarded a Zion National Park shuttle bus
and rode into Zion Canyon. "Stop Number...

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Beginning in late June, the prevailing winds in the American Southwest change directions. Warm, moist tropical air from the Gulf of California suddenly finds itself being pulled into the dry Arizona landscape. With this influx of warm, moist air, the North ...
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