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Adelaide Google+ Mobile Photowalk
Page for the people of the Adelaide Mobile Photowalk
Page for the people of the Adelaide Mobile Photowalk

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Hello Again Everyone!

I'm loving watching the absolute flood of #thewalkdownunder is making across G+ and again thank you all for coming along the #adelaide walk, and the other cities too for that matter!

Now for my Adelaide crew that joined me on Saturday, I have a request of you all :-D
I would like you to each choose 1 that's ONE image (no changing your minds after posting) from the photowalk that YOU (just to be clear) took and link it to this post.

Why? you ask. Well you'll have to wait and find out ;-)

Hey Everybody!

Absolutely Awesome Saturday Morning! Thank You all who attended so much for making it as brilliant as it was. I have been loving the images I've been seeing but have had a full-on weekend so haven't come near to getting to see them all. Amazing that even now at 9am on the Monday that new photo's are still being uploaded.

The Whole G+ community has clearly been following this more closely that I had thought given the +1's and comments coming in from all of the place.

Also you should all each head on over to +Michael N Sutton 's page and leave him a Big Thank You note for getting this all going, with out him and his this would not have happened. Also to bug him about when the next one will be happening as many have asked already ;-)

TOMORROW It's On like Donkey Kong!

OK All, I know it's Friday and All but seriously, No Drinking tonight, get to bed early and have a good night sleep!

Make sure your, your phones & your cameras batteries are fully charged, lenses cleaned, memory cards formatted. Pack you camera bags before you hit the sack and your alarms set!

Make sure G+ app is loaded and you know how to upload your photo & those on data restrictive plans, call your provider and get a data block added ;-)

Are We Excited!?

hashtags ready? #adelaide #thewalkdownunder

Three More days (well I guess 4 if you include today) to go!

Got home last night to a box of goodies from +Google Australia for those that have registered! :-D
I haven't gone through it in detail but the t-shirts are really cool!

So everyone prepared?
Do we all know where we are meeting?

Any Questions at all? Now is the time to ask!


6 - Thats SIX - Days to go people!

Are we all excited?
Got you Google+ plus app on your phone, been checking out the photo apps available to you? Got some funky processing ideas ready?

Ello Everybody!

Are we all excited yet? Have you cancelled you plans for the night of Fri 30th so you plenty of sleep to be up and sparkling for our morning photowalk for the #adeliade #thewalkdownunder

As the walk will be from 06:30-09:30 Adelaide time, the first 30-45min will still be a little dark.

So I am requesting if you the people could kindly bring along any Torches, Sparklers, Glow-sticks (if you happen to be a fire-eater/spinner that would be awesome!) and we can do some 'light painting' and long exposure photos!

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Hey Everyone!

Here's the proposed path for the #thewalkdownunder in #adelaide

Just finished hanging out with +Michael N Sutton and the other walk leaders about Australia. Google have some nice schwag for me to share with you guys.

More details to come.

Dont forget to share with your friends have them sign up here ( ) and make this an awesome event.

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Hey Radelaide Walkers!

I've gone and popped this up as an event on FB (yeah, yeah I know), so feel free to invite yourselves and anyone you think my be interested.

Lets have Adelaide make a good show of this!

Hello Radelaide Walkers!

Well it looks like the Adelaide Botanical Gardens don't open till 09:00 on the weekends, I was hoping to start our walk with a bit of time there then head down North Terrace but that looks like it wont be on the card unless anyone knows someone that works for the council or park that can let us in, maybe name drop +Google Australia and +Weekend Sunrise ?

Otherwise I'm thinking we still start that end of North Terrace (Cnr North & East Tce) and work our way West down to King William St and shoot around the Theatre and Elder Park and Torrens.

How's this sound for those that know the area?

So peoples, where shall we walk?

We'll have 06:30 - 09:30 Adelaide time for the Event, that gives us quite a bit of time to wonder about.

A central location with easy/good access to all that come will be required. So the obvious choice would the the city perhaps through the Botanical gardens and along North Terrace, though I would not be opposed to say Glenelg.

What are your thoughts Adelaide?
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