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It’s a bit unusual for the president of the United States to give a major address about a specific policy proposal from the other party, if only because the president’s prestige elevates the other party’s proposal in the mind of the public. But, in this case, that’s exactly what the White House is hoping will happen.

Obama is trying to increase the visibility of Ryan’s budget. He’s attacking it precisely because that will make Republicans rally around it. He’s trying to make everyone agree that Ryan’s budget is the Republican agenda. And, ultimately, he’s trying to make Romney answer for it. If the White House has its way, they’ll spend the rest of this year campaigning against Paul Ryan even as they run against Mitt Romney.

You'll never hack my accounts, first in Brazil...Now in Austrailia... Keep trying!

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Can't find work? What will happen if we completely fail to provide jobs for the next generation? Labour expert Stephen Pursey tells the Risk Response Network how the situation may unfold and who will suffer. ^gp

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Let me know if you have questions about slavery in Mauritania ( and I'll add you to the hangout we're having at 1:30 p.m. ET. Please post questions in the comments. Thanks very much.

Finding a art gallery in CO that will accept my style in art is impossible! Let alone selling anything!

What's your purpose?

What would you think if I walked into sea world with a fishing pole?

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More artwork from artist friends around the world!
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So whats your views on this KONY 2012 thing? Hoax or real?
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