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74 - partly cloudy - slight breeze. Perfect day for lunch at the park, under a shade tree.

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The Art of Eveoganda Book
The Empyrean Chronicles, now downloaded over 6,000 times, is actually my second FREE Eve Book. The first was released way back in March 2014 and is called "The Eveoganda Art of Rixx Javix" and it is a coffee table style art book that collects a lot of the a...

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Regular expressions you can read: A new visual syntax (and UI)

Lots has been written about the problems with regular expressions: learning them, debugging them, etc.

I propose a more visual syntax and a keyboard-usable UI for generating regular expressions.

The UI/syntax proposed here helps address issues related to readability, learnability, and memorability. Those who readily understand regex will find that this visual syntax does not slow them down. It makes existing regexes easier to read for both novices and true regex superheroes.

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Today, GoPro released some truly amazing footage of a suborbital rocket launch that saw a SpaceLoft-10 rocket carry two cameras to 396,405 feet at speeds of up to Mach 5.5.

The 20-foot tall rocket from UP Aerospace launched from Spaceport America in New Mexico last November. The mission was the company’s fourth mission for NASA’s Flight Opportunity Program, a project designed to give innovative aerospace technologies the means and access to relevant environments for flight testing.

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I was the only boy in my advanced classes from kindergarten through elementary school.  Even in middle and high school, the number of girls was overwhelming across all fields, STEM included.  I've witnessed this first hand over 20 years ago and the fact that it's still going on with all this talk of "equality" makes my blood boil.

Thank you, +karen straughan.

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it's not capitalism you should fear or fight.  It has problems...  Fight the greed of your own people.  Fight those terrible aspects of humanity where ever they may come from.
Feel free to hate Martin Shkreli, but realize that the drug in question has been around for more than 60 years, and the reason he could charge what he was charging for it is because the government makes it very difficult for competitors to make generic versions of the same drug (in this case, the patent expired, but Shkreli was attempting to use other government regulations to prevent competitors from doing what was necessary to get FDA approval for generic versions).

This drug is so common and cheap that it costs less than $1 US in most countries, but Shkreli was charging $750.  Reportedly some hospitals just make the drug in-house, on-demand.

Apparently, there now is a generic equivalent in the U.S.  But the only reason why the price could be so high is because there wasn't any other option.  And yes, the reasons why there was only one option wasn't entirely caused by government -- it was a low-demand and low-margin product -- but the reason why Shkreli could raise the price without worrying about competition undercutting him is mostly due to government regulation.
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