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Kaspar Lavik
I am explorer, a curious technogeek, active contributor, smitten by changes and innovations and having strong desire to stay informed and up
I am explorer, a curious technogeek, active contributor, smitten by changes and innovations and having strong desire to stay informed and up

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How to #Enhance the #Accessibility of your #Website?

Is your website design accessible? Read article to get tips from a professional web design agency to enhance your website accessibility.

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Hvordan bygge en pålitelig e-handel butikk
Som e-handelmogul Jack Ma, grunnlegger av Alibaba - Kinas største online handelsfirma, bekreftet, i e-handel er det viktigste å kunne stole på, du kan legge grunnlaget for e-handelsuksess på tillit. Nyheten om databrudd lager ofte overskrifter og gjør forbrukerne enda mer skeptiske til online shopping. Her er noen beviste mantraer som hjelper deg med å bygge en pålitelig e-handel.

#ecommerce #ecommerceutvikling

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Google Unleashes AlphaGo in China—But Good Luck Watching It There

WHEN ALPHAGO TOPPED the grandmaster Lee Sedol last year in Seoul, South Korea, becoming the first machine to beat a professional at the ancient game of Go, it grabbed the attention of the entire country—and beyond. This surprisingly powerful machine, built by researchers at Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence lab, also captured so many imaginations in China, the birthplace of Go, where Google says more than 60 million people watched that match from across the internet.

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Postmortem: Muse Games' Guns of Icarus Alliance
#Game #Gunsoficarusalliance

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Why #Outsourcing Your #Website could be the Best Decision You Ever Make?

#Website #development and #management is not a trivial job! Contact a #web #development #specialist to know why it is a better option to outsource your website.

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Five Simple Ways to Build #Artificial #Intelligence in 2017

The artificial intelligence, personal assistant and chatbot space has been growing rapidly. The idea of having a personal assistant you can beckon with the words “Siri”, “Alexa”, “Cortana” or “Ok Google” which connects us to the web and the ever growing Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming ever more commonplace. Almost every messenger program and smartphone OS have chatbots or personal assistants available in 2017! While their true level of “artificial intelligence” is debatable, we are witnessing the start of a world where we all have virtual assistants at our disposal!

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I switched from the #iPhone7 to #Google's new phone and couldn't be #happier - here's why

Here are two statements that sound like opposites, but in reality exist in parallel:

The iPhone is a gorgeous, remarkable device.
The software running on the iPhone is adequate at best.

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Why Outsourcing Your Website could be the Best Decision You Ever Make?
  The decision to develop and manage your website as well as your online marketing efforts in-house can be quite tempting. However, keeping them in-house do not always turn out to be as easy and cost-effective as they seem to be. Why? Just check out the fol...
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