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All your Hangout Tools in one place
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Update on Hangout Toolbox
It took a while, but eventually the Google engineers found a way to publish the Hangout Toolbox again. The app should now show up as a featured app again when in a Hangout On Air.

The extension should be available to everyone again starting today including the latest version with Material Design.

Please be aware that the app will still go away eventually in the long run as the API was deprecated.

Enjoy it while it's back again :-)


Hangout Toolbox currently not available
Due to some changes to the project, it was unpublished. Since the API was locked for new projects, I am currently not able to publish it again. I will work with Google next week to see if we can get the Toolbox enabled again.

Sorry for the inconvenience 

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Some of you may have seen the announcement that the Hangouts API will be turned down soon. This won't effect the immediate future of the Hangout Toolbox for Hangouts on Air. The app will stick around a bit longer. I am currently looking at the reported 401 error that is effecting the ability to save presets. Normal overlays should still work fine.

I will try to iron out the issues to ensure the app will run fine as long as it is supported.

Happy New Year!
Most Hangouts video call apps will be retired April 25th, excluding HOA broadcasting tools and enterprise communications tools

There are a few apps which will continue to run past the April 25th date. These include the ability to dial into a call (served by the DialPad and RingCentral apps), integrations with other enterprise communications tools (e.g. Slack), and our Hangouts on Air broadcasting tools (Toolbox, Control Room, Cameraman).


Why the change?

This [Google+ Hangouts] API was originally intended to support social scenarios for consumer users as part of Google+, whereas Hangouts is now turning to focus on enterprise use cases.

Currently the old Hangout interface that supports apps is only available through Google Calendar event video call links, and Hangouts on Air.

The "new" more-reliable Hangouts video call interface, introduced in 2015, has never supported the apps, so if that is what you've been using you will see no change. 

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Update on the overlay issue
Hey all,

it looks like the issue was identified and fixed. Part of the problem was an issue in Chrome. In order to use the overlay with any URL again, please make sure to update Google Chrome to version 51 which was just released:

Please let us know, if you still encounter issues.


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Lower Third not showing? Check this!

Some of you may have noticed issues with any overlay not showing recently. This is caused by a bug with Hangouts which is currently being investigated. In the meantime you can use this workaround.

Start your Hangout using which will make the overlays including lower thirds work again.

As you can see below it works just fine. And yes, this is the material design version I am still working on.........if I have time, that is.

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Work in progress
It has been a while since we posted here. Unfortunately there are some time constraints that holds us back to develop the app update faster. Nevertheless we made some good progress over the last view days and a major update should be ready in a few weeks.

We also updated our logo (Yay for Material Design!)

There is currently still a major bug with the volume control due to an issue in the API itself. Once this issue is resolved by Google we are back in full action.

We hope that the new app will be more reliable. We may still encounter issues with lower thirds not loading due to the way canvas are handled. There is not much we can do for now, but we keep looking for alternatives.

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Hangout Toolbox goes Material Design
It has been a long time since our last update. Unfortunately w don't have that much time to work on this project anymore, but we try our best.

With material design making it's way into many apps, we also want to give our Toolbox a little refresh. Our designer +Moritz Tolxdorff is currently looking into way to incorporate material design and also optimize some Ux. We will also go through some of the bugs and feedback people sent us to roll those out as well.

We don't have a time line for this update yet, since we are limited in resources. If you want to help with coding and join the team, contact +Moritz Tolxdorff 

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We have a custom URL now
You can now easily link to us by using

Even better, you can also use

It works with every Google top level domain

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Hangout Toolbox outage
Hey everyone,

due to a false update we did earlier, the app was not loading for all of you.
This issue is now resolved and the app should load fine again.

Please let us know, if you encounter any issues.

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