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Beginning the vegan diet

This is my vegan diet beginning diary. Basically, based on the recent information, documentaries, and readings that I have done, I have decided to try the vegan diet for a minimum of six weeks beginning January 2, 2013 (three days ago). I'll let you do your own research as to why the vegan diet is beneficial, healthy, and far more peaceful and sustainable for numerous reasons. The way that livestock are treated in the major food industry is disgusting, unhealthy, and is causing our country to be unhealthy, fat, and disease ridden. Animals are treated so cruelly its appalling by any standard. The way our food is handled, packaged, and kept is also gross. The disease ridden and cruel, unhealthy way the animals are maintained and kept is enough to make anyone vomit.

Additionally, animal products are unneeded at our level of knowledge. We do not need to rely on animals for our nutrition anymore. Different Biblical passages have also caused me to believe that this was not God's intention and He does not approve of this merciless killing. He warned the Jews to avoid pork. Before Adam and Eve sinned, everyone, all animals and people, were vegan. Not until the fall of man did anything become carnivorous.

With all of this information in my mind, I made the decision to attempt veganism. Its not going to be easy, but I'm willing to do my best to improve the world and myself and family.

On January 1, I emptied my kitchen of everything animal product related. I also am avoiding all corn starch and by products of corn syrup and starch and trying to stay local and organic. Everything that fell into these categories, minus my kid's Christmas candy, was rid of.

I ate a nice breakfast that morning, a small much, and my last supper (so I thought...) of pizza. I did try a soy chocolate peppermint Starbucks frappe, which was delicious!

The next day, we ate organic, whole grain cereal in Silk almond milk. The cereal is alright and the milk didn't taste much different than the skim cow's milk we were drinking before. For lunch, I bought the pictured Dave's Killer Bread vegan sandwich. I didn't totally enjoy this. I also brought an organic, nutty granola type bar for a snack and some pretzels and hummus. Hummus is something that will definitely take some getting used to! I really didn't care for this either.

For dinner, I made vegan tacos. I used quorn, which when mixed with two seasoning and a bit of water for absorption was pretty good considering. Quorn is fungus that has a texture like being beef. Its frozen and absorbs the taste of what its mixed with. The problem is that I didn't realize it has egg whites in it! So I'll have to find an alternative. I used corn tortillas fried in vegetable oil. I also bought soy cheese and sour cream, which tasted ok with the guacamole I made to top it iff. Overall, they were delicious!

The next morning, we had the same breakfast. I brought granola and dried apples for a snack. For lunch, peanut butter and banana on Dave's Killer Bread light bread and a side of cherry tomatoes. For dinner we did left overs from the night before.

Same breakfast the next day and danger lunch but brought cucumbers and dried fruit for snacks. However, my desk at work is right next to the lunch room and Fridays we have a pizza vendor come in. By the end of the day, after seeing, smelling, and desiring pizza, I caved and we had pizza for dinner. I felt semi bad, but I jumped back on board this morning.

We had organic, local everything bagels with soy cheese, o'brien hashbrowns with peppers, vegetable butter spread, and tofu kielbasa roasted in sundried tomatoes and herbs. The kielbasa was DISGUSTING. I could not eat it! The rest was good though.

For snack, I had a pomegranate. I find myself naturally eating smaller meals but tons of snacking! I get hungry quick! I ate mushrooms for another snack and no lunch because I awoke so late I ate breakfast during lunchtime.

Then, I used the slow cooker and made a vegan concoction of pinto and black beans, carrots, red potatoes, leeks, garlic, and seasoned with rosemary, cumin powder, coriander seeds, and cayenne pepper with vegetable broth and water. As a side, we had Dave's Killer peace bread with vegetable spread. It was delicious!

So far, it hasn't been too difficult to say no, minus the one pizza splurge. I feel hungrier more often but an eating smaller portions. I'm only drinking coffee, water, and tea. I feel more energized already and my body feels like it's been cleansing itself.

I'm excited to share my journey with you. I hope you consider seriously trying a vegan diet. Many of our leaders, envisionists, creators, geniuses, and even celebrities were, are, and endorsed vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, including the pictured Albert Einstein.

I encourage you to do some research of your own! Reach out into the world and discover!
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