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Robb Skidmore
Writer, novelist, blogger, music lover :)
Writer, novelist, blogger, music lover :)


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Let's swim out tonight, love
It's our turn to try
Parked beside the ocean
On our moonlight drive.
--Jim Morrison

Really enjoyed ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ but not as emotionally affecting as ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’ Nobody makes movies like Wes Anderson.

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Ramones, New Order, Prince, Replacements, Devo... The Discography of THE PURSUIT OF COOL // 

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Here's what happened the last time I held a promotion, the Free Book promotion I had last Nov. Please help make this .99 special a similar success. :-)

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The Pursuit of Cool, the critically acclaimed coming of age novel, is on sale (until Tues the 4th) for .99 cents. So buy now!

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Letters From the J. Crew Dude, Part 3 -- The Conclusion of the Trilogy
(Some guys just never give up!)

To those who think kitchen cabinets can be refurbished and painted in 3 days I say this: You will need 4, and there will still be caulking to be done, and that seam over the sink will still look imperfect and will bug the crap out of you.

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