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"Dear Dr. Siton,

Being an active person, working out, participating in outdoor sports, for over 2-years, I was dealing with a painful foot ailment called planter fasciitis. To deal with this problem, I went to a foot doctor specialist called a Podiatrist. Over the course of a year, he administered injections into both my foot soles; he also sized and ordered very expensive shoe insoles. Sadly, over the course of his treatments there was very little impact on the condition and pain I was experiencing daily in both my feet.

I was referred to Dr. Gigi Siton to see if physical therapy could help. She assured me that she knew the foot condition and that she could help ease the condition if not eliminate my planter fasciitis altogether.

Today, I am happy to say that after 3 or 4 treatments, my planter fasciitis has completely gone away. Both of my feet have been pain free and normal for many months now. It is as if I had never had planter fasciitis to begin with. Dr. Siton's treatments were fast, non-invasive and affordable for me.

I would like to thank Dr. Siton many times over for helping me become active in sports again."

Houston, Texas
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"I was referred to Holistic Physical Therapy, Dr. Gigi Siton, DPT, by my primary doctor, Dr. Nashed-Guirguis, after suffering from insomnia due to searing pain in my head, facial area, neck, arms and knees. I have been to various physical therapy facilities, taken an array of pain medication, even refusing to have a "pain medication pump" or surgery.

The very first day "Gigi" "zoned" in on my pain areas which was painful but the results brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. She gave me advice on how to take care of my "temple" which I had to admit I was not doing.

I am eating what I want (pain in jaws gone). I can lay in m bed-let me correct that-sleep in my bed again. Reach over my head and dress without pain.

God lead me to Dr. Nashed-Guirguis, she lead me to Dr. "Gigi" and Dr. "Gigi" is giving me my "life" as I knew it 10 years ago. I will continue to tell this story of my blessing so others can receive this wonderful blessing.

-Mildred Turner
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