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Susan Dennis
I live in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I knit, I swim.
I live in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I knit, I swim.


Pixelbook and Pen... anybody seen anything that indicates there is a storage place/spot/scheme for the pen on the actual Pixelbook?

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My seat, in July, was in hot sun until the 6th inning of an afternoon game. Now... My last game of the season, I'm no longer in fear of fried ass. I can enjoy the whole game. The pre game activities are a might lame, however.

Amazon fucked up a Kindle purchase of mine so I got my money back and then bought it from Google.

I'd totally forgotten what a much more pleasant reading experience is with Google Books than with Kindle. Thanks, Amazon, for reminding me. I'm not going to forget again.

Happy Birthday, +Scott Sinclair!! I'll take you to Palomino or Cheesecake Factory - your choice - for dinner if you get here in time.

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My faith in humankind is restored...

I have to say, I'm enjoying my Echo's sharing the same music throughout the house. I never thought that was something I'd want but turns out I was wrong. Thanks, Amazon.

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The best Houston evacuation story: "We've got two kids with Down syndrome, a three legged dog, and a pig. All of whom will be freaked out." I told the firefighter. "Perfect!" He replied.

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Bad idea to try this place when Bring Your Screaming Kids Out To Eat Day overlaps with Holy Fuck We Need To Hire More Staff Day.

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There are many hilarious things about this, but the best is the headline...
World's Saddest ... Protest
I love Seattle.

Woot! Amazon just offered me $1 in ebook/mp3/video credit for slower delivery. I haven't seen that in maybe a year. The $5 off that fill-your-box thing never did it for me.
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