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Susan Dennis
I live in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I knit, I swim.
I live in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I knit, I swim.

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FINALLY Amazon Fresh pickup available to ME!!! Picking up my first order at 1 pm. (the pickup spot is a mile from here).

Dear Amazon, WHEN are you ever going to open up Amazon Fresh Pick UP for the rest of us????? I am not getting any younger, you know. Please. Soon. Please.

My own Dad died almost decade ago. I think this year, for Father's Day, I'm going to adopt Papa Murphy. Not only does he assemble a killer pizza but he lets me bake it so I can pretend it was all my doing. What a guy. And omg that pizza was good.

Android 0 and Android Pay have now kissed and made up. I had to restart several times, stop the app and clear the cache but all is up and operational now with no data loss. Whew and yeah!!!

If you spill on your shirt and it shows and you plan to be home alone the rest of the day, do you have to change into a clean shirt? I vote no. No need to create unnecessary laundry. Of course, if there's a fire and I have to leave, I'll certainly change first. Promise.

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NO ANDROID PAY? Somebody might have said something... Very annoying.

Next version mean Android P? Surely not. 

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Somebody might have mentioned this. What else did they neglect to tell us?

WHAT????? Android Pay won't work with Android O???? That's a show stopper for me.

Looking into how to undo beta right now.

And now O is downloading to my phone. Google was ready with this sucker!

Just enrolled in Android O. Never let it be said that I make decisions slowly and thoughtfully, considering every angle before I jump into things.
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