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Aging is a self-fulfilling prophecy .... be conscientious and optimistic and live a longer, healthier and happier life!
If you feel younger than your years you may live longer. That's what a new study on aging found.
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*An extraordinary quote on a "seemingly ordinary day"... *
The quote I'm about to share is the single most encouraging string of words that has crossed my path.
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Mindfulness On-the-Go: Walking Meditation Practice
1. Appreciate
2. Ground
3. Come to Your Senses
4. Say a Helpful Phrase
During the day many of us are moving so fast, sometimes physically, but almost always mentally. Via craig daniels, Ivon Prefontaine
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1. Why am I here?
2. What more should I do?
3. What can I let go?
4. How can I be more efficient?
5. Whom should I thank?
6. How should I start tomorrow?

In the lives of busy people, we sometimes forget what's important. These six questions will help you gain focus and productivity. Via donhornsby, John Michel
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Stay healthy and fit. Your 100-year-old self will thank you.
—Kyle Robbins
To live to 100 is a lofty goal, but surviving 100 years is very different than loving life each of those years. Here are 10 habits for a long, healthy life.
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Pablo Casals said that "Music will save the world". You can gain an understanding of that passionate belief listening to this EPIC boundary breaking performance! 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arr...
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Four Ways to Calm Yourself
1. Paying attention to your breath
2. Connecting with someone you love
3. Moving your body
4. Finding your center
Being stressed out is about as enjoyable as working overtime on a Friday or being stuck in traffic. (For some of us, that is what stresses us out in the first place.) While we know that a little stress can be useful, the fact still remains that no...
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Aging with Spirit, Imagination and Tattoos
She got her first tattoo at 75 and hasn't stopped since. Why? It's not just because her tats send the message "Don't patronize me."
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If you can string together a bunch of beautiful moments, you'll have an incredible day. And if you string together a bunch of days like that, you'll have an amazing life.
—Ally Hamilton
We're culturally trained to think in terms of milestones and markers. We'll be happy when we graduate from a good school, get a great job, meet the right person, buy a big house, lose those 10 pounds. The truth is, life is made up of moments....
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*FROM THE ARTICLE: * But I have a bias for being able to practice mindfulness all day ... and over time there is no distinction between your formal practice and making a presentation, negotiating a deal, driving your car, working out, or playing a round of golf.
Two techniques that fit into any schedule. Via Bobby Dillard
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Fundamental RULES
1. Change yourself
2. You are in control
3. Forgive and let it go
4. Without action you aren’t going anywhere
5. Take care of this moment
6. Everyone is human
7. Persist
8. See the good in people and help them
9. Be congruent, be authentic, be your true self
10. Continue to grow and evolve
Change the world; we hear those words thrown around quite frequently, and to some, the notion seems incredulous. However, if we take an inner approach, rather than an outer one, and transform our individual selves into adopting the qualities we wish to see in the world, then the task at hand won't seem as daunting. In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, "As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world -- that is th...
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If you're ready to start exercising or improve what you're already doing Mercola does a thorough job of busting fitness myths and educating you on how to exercise smart.
Planning to start a workout program? Here are six myths to avoid and three surprising fitness facts to help you reach your health goals.
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Resolve painful injuries, traumatic life events and self limiting patterns
Any person or course of action is simply facilitating your internal process. What would it be like to embrace freedom and well being when a painful injury, traumatic life event or self limiting pattern expressed in the body is resolved?

Drawing from his yoga and Qigong background, Mark Lamm has spent more than 40 years developing the art and science of  BioSync®, a deep tissue approach to somatics based upon the expressions of natural health as well as a deeply held spiritual worldview. BioSync provides an important choice and opportunity for a more vibrant and balanced way of living and experiencing a pain free life!

Through the BioSync Research Institute, Mark Lamm maintains an active and private international practice with a worldwide client base of politicians, diplomats, celebrities, CEO's and athletes who want results that give them both a physical and psychological edge.
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  • Olympic Athletes: track & field and figure skating
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    Keepin' it Real ... started surfing in the '40's on wooden boards with brass screws. Currently working with Pro surfers and son Mike is coaching champions!