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Anyone else annoyed by the "what's hot on Google+" bullshit hogging the top of the stream?

I AM the architect of my own universe.

Just watched Tucker & Dale vs Evil. Check it out. Pretty funny horror movie.

New Fishbone ep drops today. It's pretty tasty!

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We grew up under the threat of annihilation by the Russians. We knew people who had been abducted as children and had horrible things done to them. We grew up a short distance from real life "heavy metal" inspired murders. We had real life drug-crazed devil worshipping MURDERERS in our midst. Not to mention growing up in a town that was just starting on its decent into becoming a "not so good place". Is it any wonder our psyches are so messed up?

Just watched yesterday hour long Colbert Report w/ Radiohead. Pretty awesome.

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Take THAT Einstein!

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One day in the life of my old friend Pedro in the summer of 1994.
Part 24 - Buenos Tardes, Amigo!
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