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#Communication is the cornerstone of all #SOC teams; know when to send that #email and when to pick up the #phone!

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#Communication is the cornerstone of all #SOC teams; know when to send that #email and when to pick up the #phone!

Hey Guys,

I'm looking to build a TAP on my network (I work in CySec so it's for dev and learning purpose).

I've worked through a series of Dev and Desktop builds to learn everything I need to know to get it working. So now I'm down to brass nickels and hardware selection...

Currently I'm looking at the following for around £90; inline:

Synology Router (Gaming / TAP bypass)

TP-LINK TL-SG105E 5 Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch (Mirror to WiFi Bridge)
Vonets 300Mbps WIFI Router AP Wireless Bridge (WiFi Bridge)

UBIQUITI Edge Router X (Dev / Lab)

I understand I 'could use the Edge router to mirror a port to the WiFi bridge, but it'll be much slower than the switch. Can anyone offer any advice as to whether it's actually worth using a separate switch for this kind of setup.

I don't mind losing speed since I can just bypass the TAP for general work anyway, and only feed into the TAP when I'm developing threat detection. I just need a usable and at least near real time TAP to my lab.

Appreciate any advice you folks can offer :)

Hey guys,

I'm looking to build a tap for my network and feed it to my lab (I work in CySec).

Ideally I'll just throw together a RasPi router, but I don't really want to spend £70 on a Banana PI Rx since I could get a Synology router for about that anyway...

Those USB to Ethernet adaptors get really hot, so that isn't ideal either!

What I need is 2 or maybe 3 Ethernet ports available on a standard PI, anyone know if there's a micro switch (USB powered) or a mod board for the PI 3 to add extra Ethernet ports?

Any other ideas are welcome :)

Anyone know why there is 7 volume sliders?
I'm running Resurrection Remix, not sure if it's a stock or RR thing with nougat.

They all have Chromecast type icons next to them if that helps. I'd to a screenshot, but they only show up when I hit the volume buttons.

Hey guys, anyone using lineage with the one plus 3?
I'm having a hell of a time getting it stable, especially with the latest SU binary.

Hey guys, anyone else have an issue with nandroid on the OnePlus 3T?

Nandroid backup completes successfully but factory resets the phone on boot. Recovery not possible from nandroid, almost as if the nandroid backup itself is factory resetting the phone.

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Looks like it's time for a new board!

A ram bus slot died on the old board, the graphics card died a few months back which could have been caused by the MOBO and a pwm header has been dead for months.

So glad I didn't get the r2, loving the new colour scheme for the TUF series!

So I finally got around to overclocking my GFs gaming rig... If I set the CPU ratio to 22.5 (4.5ghz) it all goes fine...

But setting the CPU frequency higher requires a voltage tweak and upping the voltage kills half of the kit on the board (WiFi, Ethernet, SATA drives except the SSD system drive)...

The PC runs Ok in itself, just with half of the kit missing. The PSU is a 1200w Corsair, more than enough to tweak the voltage with room to spare I would have thought. This thing has a Zotac 980ti but the MOBO has both the 8 and 4 pin power leads plugged in so I doubt it's underpowered.

Any ideas?

I've seen a guide with the Asus Crosshair V formula Z board and FX 8350 black edition running 4.8GHz with the voltage turned right up to near maximum tolerance. Seems odd that I'd lose so many components as if I'm underpowered.

Finally splashed out on a surface book to bring a little BYOD into my life... Traveling with an old Dev laptop isn't fun!

It's a nice little device, super light and very versatile!
Only problem is VMware doesn't like the ridiculously high definition displays... Not sure if it's 4K but the resolution support probably gets pretty close if not all the way!

Any of you guys managed to figure out how to get VM to play nice with super high resolution displays? I mean I'd need a magnifying glass to read my emails in the work VM!!!
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