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Tap tap tap / Strum strum strum / Bleep bloop bleep
Tap tap tap / Strum strum strum / Bleep bloop bleep

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I don't remember where I found this. It was just sitting in a tab. Quite funny.

Hello internet! I'm in Berlin.

The forecast was for five days of continuous rain but so far there has been one big ten-minute thunderstorm.

There are many interesting people here.

I gave a talk yesterday afternoon, and I think it went quite well (despite my disrupting my own final rehearsal by grabbing Bradley Kuhn for a very interesting discussion on the effect of dynamic linking on the GPLv3). Though … it only took 30 seconds for an audience member to pipe up with “could you speak more clearly, louder, and more slowly?”. Completely justified.

Bye internet!
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