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Shannen Buccieri
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I'm the sweetest girl you will ever meet unless you get on my bad side.
Hi everyone,

My name is Shannen I was born on September 24Th 1991. I grew up with all brothers. I'm half Latino, Irish & Italian. I respect & treat others the way I want to be respected & treated. But if someone isn't going to respect or treat me right well please don't bother with me. I've been bullied from 4Th-12Th grade & that's just the beginning of it when it started in school. I was on the bus minding my own business when this girl comes up to me & asked me if I was a lesbian. Back then girls shouldn't know what a lesbian was. I didn't even know what a lesbian was but this girl & her friends did. Anyway so the girl asked me if I was a lesbian but since I didn't know what a lesbian meant. I just ignored the girl until we got off the bus. She asked me again and I decided to answer her so she'd leave me alone and said no. Well her friend got off the bus and asked  her what I said. We all looked at each other and the girl turns around and tells her friend that I'm a lesbian. I decided to walk away and when I got home I asked my step mom what a lesbian was and she asked me why and I told her. She told me to ignore the girl and that's what I did. I ended up transferring schools since my step parents didn't have enough money to support me. Well I thought the bullying would go away but it didn't. Everything was going the way I wanted it to go NO BULLY'S. Well as soon as a so called friend of mine let me barrow her chap stick. I took it her and forgot to bring it back. She got mad and said " why don't you just go back to where you came from?". A girl that was sitting right next to me who I thought was my friend started laughing and so as soon as the bell rang I got out of the cafe as fast as I could. Every single girl I thought was my friend turned on me for no reason and started making fun of me. The one girl I thought was my good friend she started making fun of me on the bus telling everyone I was a lesbian and trying to get me in trouble for taking her moms marriage ring that I let her barrow and she decided to give it to her mom either for mothers day or for her birthday I can't remember. I ended up transferring schools again but I miss the first day of school since I was scared. Everything was going good until people started finding out about my past and calling me a lesbian or pointing at me while jumping out of their class rooms saying " ew lesbian". It got to the point where my one teacher found out and just looked at me. But it got worse in 7Th grade when I made a mistake and went online acting like someone else just to see what the girls who say were my friends would say about me. Well like I thought they would they started saying negative things about me saying how they want to kill me. I went to school the next day scared didn't know what to do. Finally I was brave enough to get help. The girl I told on got so mad because her and her one friend was trying to lead me out of the class room. I even told the teacher that I'd bring the proof in but my foster family didn't want anymore trouble from the girl since she's Black. I ended getting harassed at the end of the school day and the next day getting pushed down the stairs. I didn't say anything to anyone because I didn't want it to get worse. But someone did go to the principles office and told him what was going on. Well the one girl got kicked out of school because she didn't live close enough while the other girl got suspended. In 8th grade two new students came to my school I got along with both of them but didn't realize the one new student was bullying the other. She told me what was going on it just got worse and since the Black girl was trying to get me involved with it and since I opened my mother to stick up for her. I got harassment charges put on me but never went to court. After wards the girl moved and I thought everything would stop. But as soon as I went into 9Th grade some more of my so called friends started bullying me and blaming me for their mistakes. I wrote a note to tell the bully's how I felt but they didn't like it and neither did the principle so I got a warning. The next day I went to school and one of the bully's wrote a really nasty note pretending it was me to back stab me and I all most got kicked out of school. Then from 10Th-12Th grade more of my so called friends started bullying me to the point where I'd be down in the principles office getting in trouble every day for something I didn't do. I never got suspended to kicked out of school because the bully's were stupid enough to talk about ganging up on me when one of my good friends now my ex friend was always there for me. Him and his friends went to the principles office and told them what was really going on. The one girl got suspended for a day while the other girls weren't allowed to come back until graduation practice. Anyway after I graduated early I thought everything would be okay. But I was wrong I started getting Cyber Bullied by this girl who said she was my friend. She said " I should have punched you in your face when I had the chance to and I can't wait until you dye because I'll be laughing and peeing on your grave stone". One of my other so called friends said " I stuck up for you when people called you crazy and weird but your nothing but a two face bitch". Just because I laughed at the fact she got her keys locked in her car. After that was over a random girl who I thought was my friend called me a fake and said I should burn in hell and started harassing me spreading lies about me and telling everyone I threaten to kill her with a knife. It went on for three months straight and it finally stopped when she was stupid enough to fake herself and tell everyone it was me. That got to the point where it was reported to the police and the police got involved to find out it was her all along. So she got community service and from what I was told she's getting sentence to jail for 8 months. Her boyfriend back then was stupid enough to start harassing me. He ended up getting locked up right away for harassment and doing drugs. Now I'm doing home school and get bullied by random people every where I go. I now stay inside and mind my own business unless I have to go out in public. Oh and another thing is I tried smothering myself but it didn't work. I'd close my eyes be in heaven and then I'll end up waking up in the real world. It happened twice and then I accidentally OD. I'm actually lucky to be alive right now.
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