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Katje van Loon
Baltaring my way through life.
Baltaring my way through life.


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Only four days into #CampNanowrimo and I've finally been able to do some writing! I'm still far behind but so happy I was able to make a dent today.

I was going to make a really great start on the first, but my spinal injury decided to flare up instead! Oh, body, always playing great pranks on me! So I have been unable to do much more than take pain pills and watch TV for a few days.

However, during moments of lucidity/less pain I have worked on plotting out the book, and finally tonight I was able to write the first 1000 words. No idea if they're good words, and they do start in the same place I started draft zero, but I think I've improved on it.

Hoping for even more words tomorrow!

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Bad pain day today, which means instead of accomplishing my huge to-do list I am going to have to be happy with doing one or two things on the list and spending the rest of the day taking it easy.

Living with a spinal injury is just a never-ending adventure, let me tell you.

#spoonielife #chronicillness #disability
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What's new with me? I am doing an Author Takeover event at Facebook on Sunday the 12th. If you're into pagan fiction and on FB you should check it out!

Also getting back into working on one of my books very soon, hopefully, and I'll be posting updates in my collection dedicated to that very thing. I'll share the collection to my feed when the first post is up so you can follow it if you wish. (I don't set my collections for my circles to auto-follow, because I find that very annoying.)

tl;dr: I'm alive and doing an event you should check out, and soon I'll be posting updates on my work.
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Celebrate Love. All Kinds of Love.

The history of Valentine’s doesn’t matter at this point. It was a feast day for a saint (or possibly more than one) about whom very little is actually known, except somehow he became associated with the idea of courtly love. Before that, this time of year held a pastoral purification festival for the Romans and possibly people before them (often called a “sex festival” by modern pagans, but that’s not really the full story). Which is all interesting, but at this point has little actual bearing on what the day has become: ostensibly, a day to celebrate love.

Except that that “love” often gets defined as romanto-sexual, monogamous, and often heterosexual (though that is slowly changing).

We need to expand our view on love.

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