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How do you all deal with disarming opponents? Obviously it would be an aspect created with the relevant Fight skill, and probably opposed by Fight. From my understanding, once a character is Disarmed they can't make an attack with whatever weapon they had until they overcome their Disarmed aspect, which could be opposed.

If a guard has his sword knocked from his hand, what skill would he use to retrieve it? Fight? Athletics?

Also, what's the best way to keep exploitive players from constantly disarming opponents? I was thinking of making the act require a stunt and maybe even be a 1/scene ability.

How have you all dealt with disarming opponents? What have you found works best? Cheers!

First time MC here, and I'm looking for some feedback on a possible MH game I'd like to run.

I'm aiming for a story-driven episodic PbP campaign, probably focusing around a Chosen and her/his friends (or rivals). To accomplish this, I'm eschewing the end-of-season rule and will probably institute a milestone system of advancement to keep players from maxing out so quickly.

Why get rid of the end-of-season rule: My biggest complaint with the MH system is that it is such a character driven system yet it cramps any story by forcing the MC to wrap up any loose strings once a player achieves their fifth advancement. I've been in MH games where we as players try to find ways to delay advancements, because we don't want our story to get wrapped up so quickly and so abruptly.

What do you all think? Is MH flexible enough to allow a more episodic story game, like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, or is it best used as a sandbox for player drama to organically unfold?

Got a question regarding Situation Aspects for you guys. Characters can Create an Advantage against other characters and tag them with a Situation Aspect that reflects a change in status (Pinned, Unbalanced, Mud in the Eyes, etc).

How long do you rule that these aspects remain in play? To me, it seems that if an Unbalanced character doesn't take any action to Overcome his aspect, it should go away on its own after a while; it's hard to see him/her still being Unbalanced three or four turns later.

More to the point, how about in regards to mental status? If a character becomes Enraged by a Provoke attempt during a fight, does it make sense that the Enraged status would expire after X amount of time? I recently had a player question whether his normally cautious but now Enraged character would still be Enraged after taking a Severe Consequence; he argued that his character should have "snapped out of it."

What do you all think? Thanks for the time!

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Okay guys, I got a hack I'd like to throw your way. If anyone is familiar with the Riddle of Steel system, I'm borrowing a few ideas.

Objective: I'm trying to create a hack that focuses on medieval combat. Most characters will be knights or men-at-arms types, and the setting is sticking pretty close to the reality of that kind of combat.

That being said, I'm trying to avoid getting too crunchy. So I came up with a system of Specialties, Armor, & Edges. This should stress the importance of being properly equipped, while adding some flavor to the basic Fight skill. It should also make combat more fast-paced and dangerous to all involved.

What I'm Looking For: Feedback. Does it look good? Does it seem balanced? What changes would you make if any?

Thanks for your time, folks!

*Note: Occasional reference to the fictional setting, so just ignore any names you don't recognize.

EDIT: I've made some changes to the hack and have drafted up a stunt-based system linked here:

Anyone know of a good PbP site that caters to Fate games? Seems like my usual haunts (Myth Weavers, and Giant In the Playground) are going through a Fate draught, and I'm getting antsy for a good game.

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Has anyone read the Cyber-Fate book? I'm planning a cyberpunk Fate game set on Mars, so this book seems right up my alley, but the only review gave it 1 star. Just thought I'd poke around before I gambled $15 away on its quality.

I'm making a Shadowrun/Cyberpunk hack for Fate and I've come to the point where I need to make a ruling on how grenades work in this hack, and I would like some feedback for my rule.

Things to Know: I've repurposed the Resources skill into the Lifestyles skill. Lifestyles does the same thing, but it also determines your starting Wealth stress track. If a character wishes to purchase a noteworthy piece of equipment (anything that could be considered an Extra), they must make a Lifestyle check to determine their success. They can take hits to their Wealth stress track to add points to their roll.

Okay, so on to grenades.

Buying Grenades: Grenades may be purchased during any Milestone event, as long as the narrative supports their access. Only one grenade may be purchased per character, requiring a Lifestyle success to determine availability. A character may not have more than one grenade at a time.

Grenades are one-time use stunts. The exact nature will depend on the grenade itself (HE, Frag, Flash, Concussion, etc.) Here is a sample grenade.

High Explosive Grenade
Make an Athletics/Shoot Attack against all enemies in a zone without splitting shifts. Friendly characters may be hit as well, per GM discretion. This can also damage lightly armored vehicles.

What do you all think? Balanced? Too exploitable?

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What's your favorite way/the best way to create a lethal, gritty game?

I'm looking to run a game where the players, not just their characters, think twice before taking on a guy who has a gun drawn on them, or consider if it's worth paying the highwaymen their ridiculous "toll" rather than risk the unfavorable odds in a fight.

I've been through the Fate Toolkit, and I like the idea of changing the Stress mechanics; either eliminating them completely, or going the "Bonus Only" route (Characters have zero stress boxes to start, but still get bonus boxes from skills like Physique and Will.)

I'm not such a big fan of giving stats to weapons/armor, cos it incentivizes players to bulk up and creates a homogeneous party of juggernauts (although that could suit some games just fine).

What do you think? What customizations worked well for you, or do you think will work best to create a lethal and gritty setting?

Hey guys, I’m looking to retool the Fight skill in Fate Core to suit a medieval / low-fantasy setting, where the primary action will revolve around melee combat. Nearly all of the players will be warriors/knights of some sort, so the Fight skill is universally going to be selected as their +4/+3 skill, which makes me inclined to expand it somehow to allow for some diversity.

I have a couple of ideas on how to best expand the Fight skill, but I’m not an expert on Fate Core, so I’m asking the community here, what your ideas to expand on the Fight skill for a medieval setting?
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