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Bonnie Buchanan
"It only takes one voice to change the World, the question is, What do YOU have to say?" B.L.Buchanan
"It only takes one voice to change the World, the question is, What do YOU have to say?" B.L.Buchanan

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If you have an Apple Iphone (and I would think any smartphone including Androids, this should still work), you can simply save the Test File to your Dropbox Acct, then rename the file in Dropbox from a text file extension (.txt) to a Webpage extension (.html), and Wah-La! Click the file and it works. So, there's no need for an actual computer vs just using your smart phone. Enjoy! & Good Luck!

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An open letter to the American Media Machine, and the "Journalists" of Today, in regards to the Race for the White House, Presidential Election Race of 2016!

As this is my 1st attempt to share a somewhat off the wall post of a virtually unknown blog that I occasionally write, I am unsure what will appear in this post, the detailed text? or just a URL link?, so kindly pardon me, if this does not post well this time. This is both a "Test" and also, a "Live and Learn" situation, technically compounded by the fact that as I type I can not "see" the text I type, for whatever, here goes nothin'

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My favorite MONTH is February, because I LOVE VALENTINE's DAY (I prefer it to be Valentine's MONTH!), because everyone (MALES & FEMALES) can use a reminder to take a moment, stop, and to make the person they love, the priority, even just temporarily. It is good for the giver's soul (should make the giver smile at the thought of making their live smile), as well as, the recipient's (who doesn't smile knowing the person they love was thinking about them?!..smiles

Often men will try to cop out and say they don't celebrate Valentine's Day, because it is only a commercially invented holiday to make a guy spend money on a woman (Ladies, if he says that, RUN!!). Men, if you say that, "Grow a Pair!", and stop being so cheap & cynical!,.,PLUS, that isn't true. ROMANCE IS FREE! and I'll show you "HOW TO" simply costs the effort of placing and thinking of someone ELSE first other than yourself!!...this does NOT have to be limited to a day in or the month of February, these are gifts and thoughtful small effort(s) that can be done on ANY day of the YEAR!! and SHOULD BE done through out the year, just because you LOVE someone!!...I PROMISE, it will only serve to HELP your relationship!..smiles

Along that line, I wrote (or I am writing) a Quick note (similar to this), and I am posting various "Romantic Tips" on my Floats & Jetsum (I know that it is spelled wrong!), Blog on Blogger, so, Check them out, and you will see that ROMANCE IS FREE (or can be), all it costs is Time & Effort! And, "Yes!" you can get as elaborate as you desire!..(see desire = effort). Effort made in relationships is often rewarded in a variety of ways, from increased affection, increased intimacy, general happiness, reciprocation of effort (people are more incline to do for you, if you do for them), etc., which, as I have stated, benefits BOTH partners! smiles Being a Hopeless Romantic, I have personally done each of the things I list (unless otherwise stated), so

Have a Fabulous February Valentine Month 2016, and may yours be filled with Love & Romance!

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Google Doodle (multi-media), has out done themselves with their Beethoven's Celebration Google Doodle, it's truly FABULOUS!.....Enjoy!.,,XoXoXo!.,,,&..,,Thanks Google, that was too Cool & Fun!!.,,smiles

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Because it's hard to get cooler than NOLA to FL with the Aurora, by NASA!.....You have to admit that it is a pretty cool pic!

smiles...the height of my no sleep Sunday + my very un-Manic Monday, so don't go knocking my bad acronym play. "And Yes!", in case you're wondering, my Geekiness (and/or Corny attempts at mild humor winks) just spontaneously bubbles out sometimes!..chuckles

New Orleans to Florida with Aurora | International Space Station
Terry: "Here is something you don't see everyday—New Orleans to Florida with the Northern Lights in the background."

Credit: NASA/JSC, U.S. Astronaut Terry Virts
Date: May 24, 2015 

+terry virts 
+NASA Johnson Space Center 

#NASA #Space #ISS #Earth #Aurora #Borealis #Florida #NewOrleans #Louisiana #USA   #UnitedStates #NorthernLights #TerryVirts #Commander #USA #UnitedStates #Science #Spacecraft #Expedition43 #Photography #Art #STEM #Education #International #Mississippi #Alabama
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