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This is great!! (And I know more Beethoven than I thought I did!!) Help Beethoven arrange his masterpieces in today’s #GoogleDoodle

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I really needed to read this, as I was just asking my mentor what the goal of ARS is. Having a pest control background, I wondered how learning about nest mate recognition in fire ants could apply to control methods in the future. I guess that's a little one-track minded, but I can't help but try to solve a problem. Sometimes the problem of "we just don't know" is enough.
I am really worried about priorities..

❖ On a recent science post about the evolution of land plants, a community member worried: "what about poverty?? people are dying in hunger, lack of medical support, clean water and other simple things which can be fixed... but without fixing something for them we are trying to find water in Mars. I'm really worried about the priorities.."

❖ A similar comment lamented the cost of curiosity in the search for earth-like planets ( Physics professor Robert McNees had an awesome response:

❝ You posted your comment using technology that exists only because of a chain of discoveries and insights that began with fascination-driven research in the late 19th century.❞

❝ If Balmer hadn't studied spectral lines, Planck may not have proposed the quantum. Then Bohr may not have conceived his model of the atom, which means Heisenberg and Schrödinger wouldn't have developed their formulations of quantum mechanics. That would have left Bloch without the tools he needed to understand the nature of conduction in metals, and then how would Schottky have figured out semiconductors? It's hard to imagine, then, how Bardeen, Brattain, and Schockley would have developed transistors. And without transistors, Noyce and Kilbey couldn't have produced integrated circuits.❞

❝ Almost every major technological advance of the 20th and 21st centuries originated with basic research that presented no obvious or immediate economic benefit. That means no profit motive, and hence no reason for the private sector to adequately fund it. Basic research isn't a waste of tax dollars; it's a more reliable long-term investment than anything else in the Federal government's portfolio.❞

GIF: Johns Hopkins professor Andy Feinberg spent several days on NASA's zero gravity aircraft (known as "vomit comet") trying out different pipetting techniques for future experiments in space. It wasn't that easy with flying pipet tips and tubes! Andy did eventually figure out the best technique (using positive displacement pipets, seen in the second video in this link Feinberg is leading one of ten experiments in NASA's Twin Study to examine epigenetics and other biological changes that affect astronauts in space. Samples from Scott Kelly, who is spending a year onboard the ISS, will be compared with those from his twin on earth, Mark. Feinberg credits NASA for funding this study. He says, “They're very curious people. They really want to know.”

Who knows, one day we may even grow potatoes on Mars! :)

Share your favorite example of the unexpected benefits of basic research! 

Shout out to +Gnotic Pasta  who made the GIF. Thanks, Dan! 
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Kinda want to learn to knitt? I kid. I don't have that sort of patience. >_<
An elegant way to keep your hands warm in winter: Pieces of Eight Fingerless Gloves:
#freepattern   #knitting   #knittingpattern  

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It's so weird, seeing the random people G+ somehow digs up from my past and asks me to add to my circles. You ever wonder if people from your past occasionally think about you, the way you occasionally think about them? You think, "Wouldn't it be weird if out the the blue I just messaged so and so? Why don't people do that? Would they even remember me?" and then you don't message them. Or give them a call. Because who calls people out of the blue on a cell phone, anyway. Hey, if you remember me from the past, and you wonder how I'm doin' now, send me a text? Or call me? I'd be really interested to know who still thinks about me! Open invitation. gets ready for some awkard phone calls. Or none at all..?

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Just some insects on the trail. In Gainesville. 
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Hmm! (look at that first comment.. oye..)

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This one literally made me cry. Gonna go hug my girls now.

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Idiotic move by Governor Scott to eliminate the budget of this important lab.
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