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Who told white boys they could rap? People who realized color doesn't determine skill both ways, that's who. Otherwise, great song, and I don't even like country.

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Looking to play coop games with people, must be 13 or older and have a mic. You can view my games here I can do Skype, Steam Voice, or if you have a teamspeak/mumble server that's cool too. If I have a game you want to play with me, add me on steam. Thanks!

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Looking for people to play coop with. Must be 13 or older, have a mic/skype, and have one of these games. 1. Borderlands (1 or 2) 2. Splinter Cell Conviction (Hamachi, or if your router is port forwarded that's fine). 3. Castle Crashers. 4. Orcs must die 2. 5. Portal 2. 6. Guns of Online. 7. LFD2. 8. Magicka 9. And last but not least, Worms Revolution. Hit me up in the comments or friend me on steam at

P.S. If you want to record for my tiny youtube channel, I'm open, but there is absolutely no pressure (since it's tiny :P).


Already got a hold of 5-6 games, what have you guys picked up?

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Hey, if anyone wants to play Borderlands, Splinter Cell Conviction, Guns of Icarus Online, or Worms: Revolution, I'm looking for people to play with. Requirements: 1. Must be 13 or older. 2. Must have mic and Skype. 3. Must be generally friendly. Exceptions only with good reason :D. Steam ID:

I have a minecraft server, I use hamachi so send me a msg to get the info

Well guys, Obama is president. I know it's not how I and many of you wanted it to be, and they might contest it, but God decided Obama was going to be president for another four years. Give me your thoughts and opinions on what happened #election2012  
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