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Neesa Butterberry
Photo retoucher, graphic & digital artist, photographer.
Photo retoucher, graphic & digital artist, photographer.

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Hello all, how's everybody doing? :)

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+SchmilK EnHaggen Loving this! Thanks for your hard work! 
Weather widget has been moved to it's own package.  Should be working great now! (Modified weather image locations to be stored on /sdcard/ which is more universal)

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I'm so thrilled to be part of this creative exhibition. See you there in NYC! If I won't, my stories will. 

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Okay guys! OMG, it has been so long, I took some times to figure out how to bold, italic etc my texts. Haha!

So, I made this quick tutorial a few months ago at work. Well, it is more like a note with graphics for me because as you can see how silly the notes are written :P Forgive me! 

I got this sample image online and this is only one of the options of how you can reduce noise actually. Instead of keeping it in my computer I thought of just posting it here. If it's too small, comment and put your email, I'll send it straight away. I hope it can be useful to you guys!

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Just had my REDBUBBLE account updated recently and found this one featured on the homepage today. Again! Yay! 

You can head over to my redbubble account and shop for prints. Calendar 2013 coming soon!

Regarding some emails and messages I'm getting lately. No people, I'm not selling my G+ circles and my followers to anybody. Why? Because, Google+, I'm back!! 

Hi hello all! Nisa is here! I'll be back with artworks and more artworks!!! How are you guys doing?? Wow, it's been forever! :D

Crazy crazy days but fun! Wanted to pass by and see what's going on here, my days are exhausting, I am finally moving out to the city, Kuala Lumpur, which is 7 hours away from home. I shall make more of photos and arts as I get things sorted. I miss you guys!! Life has just getting more exciting!! xoxo

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Hello all. Just a quick note to thank you all for the overwhelming birthday wishes! It filled my heart with joy to read all of your kind words and gifts. :')

I am now 25 years old! Not 17, not 18, and not 12!! :D And emotionally, I am feeling a ton better today. I don't usually celebrate birthday and still not today, but after facing through a few of hard weeks, I feel refreshed and ready to take back on the world and start running again!! And here's an album of what I did so far on 2012. I attempted to make some more for this special day but my eyes are uncomfortably teary and sore. I hope everyone is having a great time today and happy weekend!

Many hugs and kisses! xoxo
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This is so heart touching and overwhelming, my dear +eleisa barbour !! Thank you so much but I know I can't thanks you enough.

Happy 25th birthday to a sparking gem

I believe it is tomorrow today
where you are
my dear
+Neesa Butterberry

I hope your day is simply magical


I am the rain,
the rusted jewel
in earth's crumbling crown.

~Angelina Wilmarth


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Trying landscape! :)
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