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Moving up in Origami Owl
Advancing in any business can be a tricky course to navigate but thankfully with Origami Owl they give  you a map to help chart the course you need to take to end up where you really want to be! The promotions in Origami Owl rank in the following order:  De...

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Those Pesky Pounds
Hello! As many of us trudge on through our goals and resolutions to
diet, exercise and live that perfectly balanced life... life itself gets in the
way. I mean, seriously who does this whole living healthy thing right all the
time and where’s the hypnotist ...

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Origami Owl WOW!
As some of you know I recently joined Origami Owl as an Independent Designer.  If you haven't heard of Origami Owl, click the link to get the scope! --> I fell in love with the Living Locket after one was given to me as a gift. Shortly a...

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Quick and Easy Christmas Ideas!
Hello All You Festive Folk! Whether you are throwing a chic shindig or just spending some time with the family this holiday season here are some easy ideas to make things a little more jolly! No matter your plans you want to create a mood for your home.  Pi...

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Sabbath Sunday- Revolution
Today's service started out mentioning Florida.  What?  Yep- It got my attention too. The title was Revolution in Circumstances- having revolutions within the circumstances you're going through and not having a a revolutions of circumstances, like "planning...

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Fashion For the Gent- UK
During my short time here in the UK I have noticed that the average gentleman dresses differently than that of the typical US male. It nearly seems as if the "hipster" people group is mirroring the general public of our friends across the pond.  Le Hipster-...

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Week 6 Progress Report
I recently posted a before and after photo on my favorite social media outlets and immediately the messages starting pouring in from my girlfriends- "You look great! What are you doing?" "Did you join a gym?" And the answer is no- There's no gym involved. F...

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Decor That Won't Bore: Affordable Thankgiving
Are you planning a feast? Inviting a plethora of people into your home this Thanksgiving?   Here are a couple decor ideas that will make you a proud pilgrim welcoming everyone in! An eye-catching center piece is that easiest way to make an impression, and g...

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Top 10 Problems Of Bring Away From Florida
1. Not having literally any winter clothes. 2. Or even a coat. 3. Seeing everyone's posts on Facebook about  the 70 degree cold front coming in.  4. A soul-crushing lack of Publixes. 5. Learning to do your hair in a non-95% humidity environment. 6. Disney i...
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