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Saad Munir
Web Business Analyst, SEO, SEM and SMM Expert ~ Loves Playing Google & Internet
Web Business Analyst, SEO, SEM and SMM Expert ~ Loves Playing Google & Internet

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This is called risk

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Whenever i want to run fast...

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Most of all understanding the market, audience and customer profile. Three different things but are very essential before you start making goals and developing intuitive assumptions for the customer cycle.

And excellent post though 

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+Hammad Hayder +Muhammad Kamran +Nabeel Butt :D Harsh way :D

The latest update to Google's Search Engine algorithm has arrived and is striking fear into the hearts of low-quality content website owners. This update is designed to help boost great-quality content sites while pushing down thin or low-quality content sites in the search results.

This is nothing new, as Google has always targeted spamming sites and low-quality content sites in order to provide searchers with the best search results possible!

Personally I never worry too much about these algorithm changes as SEO to me, has always been about creating the BEST sites, with the BEST content, to provide the BEST value to online users.

If you follow this ideal and create the BEST resource on the web for your particular niche, Google will take care of the rest and deliver a worthy search engine ranking.

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed a drop or rise in your search engine rankings?

#seo #google #panda   #googleupdate #searchengineoptimisation #onlinemarketing   #googlepanda   #algorithm   #googlealgorithm   #googlealgorithmupdate  
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Beat that
Don't sit too close to the TV !!


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So thats what people think aboyt it
Because Perspective!  Wonder why Google doesn't always respond to the rumor mill? Perhaps they just have a broader perspective, so I asked them:

"Everything is dead"      About 902,000 results
"SEO is dead"                  About 871,000 results
"Twitter is dead"            About 564,000 results
"Facebook is dead"       About 434,000 results
"Page Rank is dead"     About 350,000 results
"MySpace is dead"        About 234,000 results
"YouTube is dead"         About 117,000 results
"Yahoo is dead"              About 85,300 results
"Microsoft is dead"        About 76,600 results
"Apple is dead"                About 59,100 results
"Google+ is dead"           About 53,300 results
"Google is dead"             About 51,900 results

"Negative press"            About 885,000 results 

                           Nothing to see here...

[Note "queries in quotes" for exact matches.]

#TechRumors   #GooglePlusIsDead   #GooglePlusIsAwesome

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