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New releases of Angular 1.x - Angular 1.5.6 (arrow-stringification) and 1.4.11 (relentless-syncomania) - are out now!

Both releases include over a dozen bug fixes, countless doc updates, and 1.5.6 additionally has a few small features and performance improvements. We (Georgios in particular) have also updated the official tutorial to use the `component()` helper introduced in 1.5, which showcases how to build component-tree apps in the style of Angular 2.
See the details in the CHANGELOG at and
If you haven't upgraded to 1.5.x yet, we encourage you to do so .
We have currently no plans to release further 1.4.x versions, as we are working on 1.5 and 1.6 in the next months.

Finally, thanks to the 56 developers who contributed to these releases!

Abhishek Garg, Adrian Moos, Ajay, Alireza Mirian, Amy, andrea, andreyjkee, aortyl, Bijay Deo, cloverharvest, cscport, David Goldberg, David Rodenas Pico, dmandelin, Fabricio Ronchi, FGasper, Gene McCulley, Georgii Dolzhykov, Georgios Kalpakas, Hadrien Tulipe, Igor Minar, Ivo Mirra, Jacob Reid, Jason Bedard, Jeremy, jody tate, Jukka, Jurko Gospodnetić, Ken Powers, Lucas Mirelmann, Maksim Ryzhikov, marija, Mark Pieszak, Martin Probst, Martin Staffa, Michael de Wit, Michael Warner, Michał Gołębiowski, Owen Craig, Paulo Cesar, Perry Hooker, Pete Bacon Darwin, Peter Briers, Petr Mikota, Raphael Jamet, Robin Böhm, Sander Boom, Stephen Barker, Steve Mao, surya prakash singh, Thomas Kowalski, thorn0, Tim van Dalen, Weijing Jay Lin, Wesley Cho, Xavier Haniquaut

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Please welcome a release of AngularJS: 1.5.5 (material-conspiration)!

Included in this release are over a dozen bug fixes and a number of minor features and performance improvements.

See the details at

We had a little wobble with 1.5.4, which was only partially released and is not valid. We also had a couple of commits that caused regressions, which we decided to revert. So we have bundled all the changes since 1.5.3 into this release.

Thanks to the 28 developers who contributed to this release!

Adam Demuri, Andrew, Artur, Chris Chua, David Rodenas Pico, Gene McCulley, Georgii Dolzhykov, Georgios Kalpakas, Jan Niehusmann, Jannick Fahlbusch, Jason Bedard, Josh, Jurko Gospodnetić, Lucas Mirelmann, Maciej Kołodziejczak, Martin Staffa, Michał Gołębiowski, Pablo Iván G. Soto, Pete Bacon Darwin, Robin Janssens, SHAHRUKH-KHAN, a510, andykuszyk, aortyl, cloverharvest, cscport, glenr4, mohamed amr

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Angular 2 beta 15 is out: Adds offline compile support for much improved render speed.

Following releases will add build process support for dropping much of Angular 2's core libraries (compile, dependency injection, change detection, etc.) for a much smaller library.

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AngularJS v1.5.2 is out! (Did anyone miss v1.5.1 ? ;) )

This is a patch release for our stable 1.5.x branch. It contains a handful of bug fixes (in core and other modules), a few nice additions and a couple of small performance enhancements.
Find out all about it (as well as what happened to v1.5.1) at

Thanks to everyone involved (one way or another) in getting this release out. Especially these awesome developers that left their mark on this release:

Aashish Nagpal, Aftab Ansari, Alexander, Ben Elliott, Ciro Nunes, Daniel Herman, Foxandxss, Gabriel Monteagudo, Georgii Dolzhykov, Georgios Kalpakas, Gordon Zhu, Huc Arnaud, Igor Dolgov, Ivo Mirra, Jason Bedard, John Mercer, Josh Schneider, Kin, Lee Adcock, Lucas Mirelmann, Martin Sikora, Martin Staffa, Matias Niemelä, Matt Janssen, Maxim Salnikov, MicCarr, Michał Gołębiowski, Nabil Hashmi, Peter Bacon Darwin, Prayag Verma, Remy Sharp, Ryo Utsunomiya, Sean Murphy, Steve Shaffer, TepigMC, Thanos Korakas, Tim Ruffles, Vadorequest, Wesley Cho, Yonatan Kra, alex-teren, anh, biohazardpb4, lordg, lucienbertin, marvin sl, mohamed amr, ryanhart2, srijan

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AngularJS 1.5.0-rc.2 has been released!
This is (hopefully) the last release candidate before the final full release of AngularJS 1.5.0.
As well as bug fixes and performance enhancements, there is a new feature and a breaking change to be aware of.
* You can now bind "required" directives' controllers to the current controller. See$compile#-require- and$compile#-bindtocontroller-
* The ngTouch override of ngClick has been deprecated and disabled, by default. You can turn it back on for the time
being but we will no longer be supporting this directive. See
See the all the changes at
Thanks to these great developers who have been involved in the changes for this release:
Adrian Roselli, Alireza Mirian, Daniel Herman, Edgar Flores, Georgios Kalpakas, Isaac, Josh Duff, Leo Gallucci, Livvie Lin, Lucas Galfaso, Lucas Mirelmann, Martin Raifer, Martin Staffa, Matias Niemelä, Maxime Lasserre, Michal Raczkowski, Moorzee, Peter Bacon Darwin, Qingyu Zhou, Robert Reiz, Robin Glauser, Thomas Moffett, Tobias Leugger - Vibes, Wesley Cho, Zac Smith, marianoc84, robw, thorn

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AngularJS 1.4.9 has been released!

This is a patch release to the stable 1.4.x branch of the AngularJS project. This release contains bug fixes for animations, inputs, ngOptions and ngInclude. Check out the full set of changes at

Thanks as always to the many developers who contribute to the project. In particular the following folks who had a hand in this release:

Adam Zerner, Alexander Zagumennikov, Anas Qadrei, Andy Patterson, Anita Perala, Daniel Herman, Georgios Kalpakas, Hovhannes Babayan, Igor Minar, J.P. Poveda, Joan Claret, Julián Salgado, Justas Brazauskas, Konstantin Ulitin, Kyle Pittman, Lucas Mirelmann, Marcus Nielsen, Martin Staffa, Matias Niemelä, Matt Erickson, Mil4n, Peter Bacon Darwin, Rahat Ahmed, ReneFerwerda, Utsav Shah, Waitaya Krongapiradee, Wesley Cho, ammills01, daviskoh, dmitriz, mohamed amr, thorn0, xieranmaya, zainengineer

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AngularJS 1.5.0-rc.0 is out!

Now is a good time to start testing your apps against v1.5.

Finally we have proper support for cancelling `$resource` requests.

There is a breaking change since 1.5.0-beta.2 regarding the multislot transclusion.

Also there are a couple of nice features, including new `$resolve` and `$locals` properties on certain scopes.

See for more details.

Thanks to the following people who contributed:
Adam Zerner, Anas Qadrei, Andy Gurden, Andy Patterson, Anita Perala, Dmitrij Maslov, Georgios Kalpakas, Hovhannes Babayan, J.P. Poveda, Joan Claret, Julián Salgado, Lucas Mirelmann, Marcus Nielsen, Martin Staffa, Matias Niemelä, Matt Erickson, Mil4n, Peter Bacon Darwin, Rahat Ahmed, Shahar Talmi, Thodoris Bais, Utsav Shah, mohamed amr, xieranmaya and zainengineer

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AngularJS 1.5.0-beta.2 and 1.4.8 are out incl. module.component and multi-slot transclusion! 

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AngularJS 1.5-beta.1 is out!
Many fixes. Features for ngAnimate, http, injector, sanitize, & ngModel. 
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