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Mining cliff nears its dénouement!
Declines set to slow Some 4 ½  years after the heady 2012 peak it looks as though the drop resources construction will at long last be drawing to an end.  Private sector engineering fell further in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2016, to be a thumping ...

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Stamp duty bonanza continues
Windfall for New South Wales Stamp duty isn't a much liked tax. Except by governments that is! The arguments against stamps and transfers include that they discourage labour force mobility, while making life challenging for first home buyers. It's not hard ...

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Yuan-way bet?
Chinese whispers... Nice to see the media warming to one of my long-running blog themes. While the median apartment price in Sydney has increased by 49 per cent since August 2012, for Chinese buyers the price has increased by just under 21 per cent.  And th...

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More on Melbourne vacancies
SQM Research provides some great housing market statistics. Here is something few would have dared to predict - vacancy rates in Melbourne, getting progressively tighter and tighter every year since 2011.  Still heaps under construction, of course, but stil...

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Sydney year-high clearance rate
Investor rush CoreLogic reported the highest preliminary clearance rate of the year for Sydney at well above 80 per cent from more than 1,000 planned auctions. Domain reported a preliminary clearance rate of just above 80 per cent with a median auction pric...

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Achtung shorts!
Resources pain I recently wrote a short piece  here at Property Update about the mixed fortunes of regional Queensland's housing markets.  Mortgage delinquencies relating to regional Queensland have long been higher than the average in Australia since wides...

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Don't pay the rack rate; nobody pays the rack rate
Rack rate It was a bit of a quiet afternoon on Saturday, so thought I'd lob up to stay up on the Sunshine Coast for a couple of nights. When I looked up the hotel cost it was nearly $400 per night! I didn't pay that rate, of course. After all, who pays the ...

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Mad for it
Manc recovery gathers pace The UK 20 Cities house price index rose by 6.4 per cent over the year to February 2017, having increased by 7.8 per cent over the year to February 2016.  The 5 year average growth for this index has been 6.5 per cent per annum, as...

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Weekend reads: Must see articles of the week
Summarised for you here at Property Update (or click the image below). Subscribe for the free newsletter here .

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Build baby build
Detailed labour force quarterly Total employment increased by 80,000 over the three months to February 2017, according to the Detailed Labour Force Figures reported yesterday by the ABS.  Over the year to February, employment was up by 190,400, the stronges...
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