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Lotions and oils can cause a great damage to swimming pools including making the pool water form sheen on it and suffers clarity and dullness as well the pool develops films in its corners In order to curb effects of lotions and oils in swimming pools, below are some ways on how to minimize lotions and oils in swimming pools:

Prevention is always the best measure as it ensures no lotions or oils in the water. Prevention, in this case, entails ensuring that your patrons just before getting in the pool they shower. It is easy to say this but to ensure it is followed, you can have posters around and inside locker rooms as part of showering rules. Offering education as well to the patrons on the need of showering before swimming and its importance in preventing oils and lotions in water can also do in prevention.

This measure entails taking action on the already oils and lotions in the water when operating an outdoor pool. Swimmers will most likely reapply sunscreen before getting into the pool and therefore action is based preparing the pool water to deal with the lotions and oils. To start with, add an enzyme routinely to the water as treatment such as FilterAid which aids filters to scrub out any smaller particles and ZymePure additive which minimizes films and oils in the water. The enzyme used should be of high quality such that it can break oils and lotions to allow them to be sent to the filters. For busy days it is recommended you use more of the enzyme but getting the enzyme before swimmers in the water would do better.

The things to consider to ensure proper filtration are checking if the flowing rate of water to the filters is proper also is the flow rate turnover correct. Also consider is your backwashing on pressure rather than based on the schedule and if there is any channeling. Filtration measure requires you evaluate if there is any filtration issues and put correction measures across. For clear and clean water, filtration plays a major role.

More filtration
This measures follows after ensuring all the mechanics are good. More filtration considers media of filtration which are the filters. Cartridge filters always require stand by clean substitutes to ensure the pool has a reduced down time in case of filters failure. The cartridge should as well be cleaned with enzymatic cleaner specifically designed for the cartridges. In case the situation in the pool is severe such that filters are not able to solve, you can use filter additives to improve the efficiency of the media filtering.

This four tips save on money, energy and time which could be spend on water replacement and loss. Therefore, do the best by first dosing your swimming pool water with strong enzyme as treatment and have filtering systems functioning properly with the clean filtering media.

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Owning your own swimming pool has gone from being a luxury for the wealthy to an affordable convenience for the majority. According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, there are 10.6 million residential pools in the United States. The number of people interested in a residential swimming pool has been steadily growing. If you are in the market to buy a pool installed or are interested in renovating your existing pool, make sure to check out what designs and features are holding the top spots in popularity.

According to the CDC, the most popular activity for youth between the ages of 7 and 17 is swimming. This may be an influence behind one of the 2017 pool trends in California, which is installing a pool with an even depth. Instead of the classic design with shallow water on one end and deep water on the other, the ‘sports pool’ keeps the same depth throughout. Some sports pools have shallow ends that quickly turn into deep water, where others maintain an even depth throughout. This design makes it easier to play traditional pool games that are common throughout youth in America. Some examples include Sharks and Minnows, Marco Polo, or simply playing catch with a pool ball.

Adding the element of fire beside a pool has been around for a while. However, this year it’s becoming even hotter! The traditional fire bowl has grown obsolete. A popular design for fire features is to build a compact fire on top of a decorative pillar or two. You may see the addition of fire inside new rock features, or torches staked around the water. 2017 has brought new wind to this traditional design. You can use your own creativity to imagine and create the perfect fire feature for your pool.

You may have heard of people locking their cars with their smartphones, setting up home security using their smartphones, or even having an entire work meeting via Facetime. Now, you can control the settings to your pool from your smartphone. This new trend is quickly becoming a favorite. Gone are the days of having to fiddle around with water temperatures, manually start the jets, or keep adjusting the patio lights. There are multiple smartphone apps that can connect in with a swimming pool which allows you to even choose which app you prefer. Swimming has never been more convenient.

Another technological advancement that is rapidly growing in popularity is automation. You can now automate your pool pumps, turn the heat on and off, and you can even automate your pool cover. These functions can even be programmed in your smartphone. Instead of only being able to control lights and jets, your smartphone can allow you to start your pool maintenance without ever having to move from your couch.

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It is often seen that people tend to build patios and patio covers towards the main entrance to provide the house, bungalows or the hotels and resorts with a very classy and welcoming look. Having a patio add up an extra space for the humans to chill in. patios are a nice place to have a nice tea time with friends and family or even have barbeque parties.

People often throw pool parties and then have to constantly go inside the house to get the eatables and other things that cannot be kept in the open. Even the electric lines and points play an important role in such parties and one cannot always rely on the extension cords and generators for such get together. Having patio covers in the back side and opting to build a swimming pool can make the backyard of the commercial or residential property a heavenly place to live in.

There are various resorts that have swimming pools in the backyard and have patio covers so as to offer their visitors with a nice place to spend time in. often these resorts are booked for the wedding parties and grand ceremonies and having patio covers an swimming pools can serve as a great place to have dinners or even have a small function over there.

In winters too the patio covers serve as a protected place where one can sit and enjoy the view without getting affected by the fog and mist. Electric points are easy to build in the patios and one can install ceiling fans, lights, led bulbs and other fancy means of lights in the patio that provides a complete new look to the backyard as the night falls. In case one is looking forward to build a swimming pool in the city of Texas, he or she can simply search for the service provider’s online and get to know the cost and procedure.

One can even ask for supervision from the professionals and expert so that they can visit the property and provide suggestions over what to build and hoe to build. The color, shape, design, length and width everything can be stated and then the budget and the duration required to complete the task of building pools and patios can be calculated. Once all the theoretical studies are over one can get started with the construction work towards a better backyard.

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Not only swimmers or the person who knows how to swim can visit these places but also the beginners and intermediates and the one who does not know anything about swimming can visit this place and take up the CPO training (certified pool operator training) for the professionals. The public swimming pools in Ventura county are specially designed to serve for various purposes like lap swim, water sports, under water workout and normal swimming sessions. In order to be a member and have a pass that one can use for a given period of time the minimum age requirement is 16 years. Children below 16 years can also visit the place and take a temporary pass.

The toddlers below 2 years are granted with free entry. There are special pools for kids below a certain height so as to ensure their safety along with proper trainer. The CPO training can be taken at any age and the professionals there strive to provide their clients with the best training. Even the kids are taken care of by the professionals so as to avoid accidents. Kids at their age are delicate at heart and any accident can make them hydrophobic for a life time and hence professionals pay special attention when there are kids in the pool who are there for the CPO training.

One can chose any public swimming pools in Ventura county to go for a swim depending upon the distance and conveyance and of course they offer flexible timing for their visitors and swimmers so it is not a bond to visit at only a given time else not. The pleasant valley aquatic center even tends to host small get together and parties. So in case one is searching for a pool side location this can be the one to consider.

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The Westlake village in California is not an urban area but is not a rural area as well. The village has a nice view and has small houses mostly. All these houses are built with nice décor and tend to have a backyard each. The backyards can be found common in the houses of the Westlake village, California. When people have a nice backyard, they tend to make the maximum use out of it.

Decorating the interior of the house is important but then if the exterior of the house is classy it just adds up to the beauty of the house and the entire property strives to stand out of the lot. People often try to build a garden with some swings in the backyard. Some use it for vegetation and some leaves it as it is.

One can try the pool building in Westlake village, California. It is not a new concept though, but the modern design, sculptures and the fancy installations in the pool is purely new and exciting. The pool and pool fence builders provide their clients with a new set of catalog to choose the pool structure and design from. One can even ask for a survey and let the professionals suggest what would suite the best according to the place, surrounding and availability of space.

Pool building in Westlake village is important but then the pool fence installation remains important as well. People who have kids and pets at home must have a pool fence to avoid accidents. Pool fence does not only work as a protector from such accidents but they also help in keeping the pool clean and tidy specially in the autumn season when loads of leaves tend to fall from the trees and get accumulated in the pool and makes the water dirty. It is not a good feeling to always first get the pool clean before going in for a swim.

Hence the pool fence plays a major role in keeping the water clean for days. If one is looking for a Pool building in Westlake village one must try the swimming pool contractors as they serve for various purposes like building a new pool, remodeling an old pool, build new sculptures and fancy structures in the pool, install pool lighting and build pool fence with various designs and materials to meet the expectation of the client with ease and provide satisfactory results.

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The swimming pools in residential or commercials properties do not require a whole lot of attention. Weekly cleaning and some basic maintenance makes the pool is intact for years. The changing of water and adding chlorine does need special care and calculation but the chlorine generators ease the work by providing actual amount of chlorine and adding it to the water depending upon the amount of water and its constituents.

Having a chlorine generator installed in the swimming pools helps in keeping the water safe and intact and one does not need to call for a professional every now and then and do the work. The need for pool remodeling is often felt in two different situation a stated below-

Normal timely damage- since the floor and walls of the pool are in regular contact with the chlorine water, the tiles tend to lose their colors and shine. The constant touch of water also affects the strength of the tiles and the tiles tend to break from the sides which can be dangerous for the swimmers.

Also, regular usage and falling of heavy material in the pool can damage he floor and the wall tiles. Some tiles even lose their grip with the ground and tend to displace or come out of their position. Such regular damage that happens with time calls for a pool remodeling and one can contact the nearest service providers or the contractors who have built the pool initially for the renovation of the pool.

The need for renovation does not restrict one to just getting it repaired. One can even opt to install in new models and tiles and even change the lights and the entire look of the pool rather than just fixing the damages.

Upgrading- the pool remodeling can also be done when one feels the need of upgrading a pool. A similar deign for a long period of time can provide the feeling of boredom t it regular viewers.

Even the commercial properties like hotels and resorts needs to keep upgrading their overall architecture to make sure they do not run out of customers or happen to be on a loss due to dull view. Hence, pool remodeling and up gradation plays an important role in maintaining and keeping up the aura of the place. There are number of fancy and classy designs that the pool contractors have to offer and one can choose accordingly.

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Pool Maintenance And Renovations

By Admin / March 21, 2017
Pools and patios play an important part in the commercial places such as the resorts and five star hotels and even in the normal restaurants. All these commercial places acts as a hub for various parties, get together, ceremonies and weddings and hence it becomes important for the owners to keep upgrading the assets of the property including the swimming pool and other decorative sculptures so that they can attract maximum number of clients and be the best in the market.

When a hotel or a resort provides their client with the best experience, the clients tend to talk about it among their relatives and friends and that makes the place go popular and make a nice profit all together. Even the residential property like homes and bungalows are now well equipped with pools not only in the backyards but even in the terrace, open terrace or inside the house. Pools tend to add a feeling of relaxation along with providing a class to the entire property. Exciting features like fountains and water sculptures and pool lights just adds up to the beauty of having a pool in the house.

Building a patio is not restricted to the front part of a property. Patios can be built in the backyards and by the pool side as per the client’s choice and requirements of the client and of course availability of the space. Patio projects can be given to the contractors without any hesitation as they tend to serve their client with the best they have to offer.

Pool maintenance, renovation and up gradation can also be done time to time in order to ensure that the design meets with the present day art and classy demands. The swimming pool contractors in the city of Texas, Houston takes up various patio projects and pool maintenance work and provides flexibility in their work.

One can even ask them to equip the patios with fancy lights and fans and provide one with numerous plug points and electronic connections so that one can easily call for a barbeque grill party without having to worry about a perfect place to set up the barbeque grill. Pool maintenance in itself is a tough job as one needs to clean the pool and change the water within a given period of time. Also adding the proper ratio of chlorine to the water is required to maintain the decorum. Chlorine generator plays a very important part in providing the pool with the correct amount of chlorine to the water.

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Everyone loves swimming but sometimes it becomes difficult to keep pools clean due to dirt and dust. Automatic pool covers these days are a good solution. Just in an easy press on button you can cover your whole pool when you are not going to use it. If it’s a public pool it has been used frequently so daily cleaning is required, but if it’s a personal pool you cannot handle to clean it regularly because these pools are used rarely. Pool covers lessen your burden of cleaning and keeps the pool clean no matter what type of pool it is.

There are lots of variety available in the market for pool covers. Thermal pool cover, automatic pool cover etc. Some require manual labour to cover pool but automatic pool covers now available with motor mechanism are doing great and are much popular these days. You do not have to hassle to cover the whole pool. Automatic pool covers are easy to operate and keep your pool clean and safe when it is not in use. Each pool cover manufacturer uses different standard of material and fabric. You can choose one according to your pool size and budget. These covers are available in rectangular and freeform shape, many attachments like bench or lid come along with these covers in order to hide motor mechanism, not only hide these motor system but beautify your locality. You can have many colour options and wireless system is more preferable.

When you talk about outdoor fun a pool at you backyard is a cool option, along with screen rooms. To enjoy all kind of weather a screen room is must. Whether summer, winter or spring you can relax and feel pleasure in screen rooms. These screen rooms come in foldable form and thus you can put it anywhere in your patio. You can assemble these tools easily by yourself but if you are confused the manufacturers provide you an expert to fix them for you. In summers you can bath in pools and then get relaxation in your screen rooms. You can enjoy sunbath in winters and then relax in your screen room. Moreover sunset, first spring fresh flowery experience and first autumn’s leaves falling, you can enjoy anything in an armchair in your screen room enjoying your hot coffee or cold lemonade. You can plan small fun gatherings in your backyard where screen room works as a temporary kitchen. You can assemble your food and drinks here to enjoy pool party. Today pool and screen rooms are fashion for everyone.

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ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential, which is measured in milliVolts, and indicates the potential of the halogen (chlorine or bromine) to oxidize (changing the chemical structure of contaminants; or in plain terms, zapping the bugs).

In my CPO classes I use gasoline as the analogy, a gallon of gas is a gallon of gas, same volume but if you look at the octane, that can be 87 or 91, the higher the number the more “effective” the gasoline, but it is still a gallon…very much the same logic for ORP. The higher the ORP, the more effective your chlorine is at zapping those bugs.

The CDC states that drinking water is safe to consume at an ORP level of 650.

This is where ORP gets interesting, and can be confusing to some, and that is pH, the most important reading taken in a pool. As the pH goes up, the ORP value goes down, while the level – PPM – of chlorine does not change. What has happened here? Well, the rise in pH reduced the effectivity of the chlorine, not the volume. The inverse is also true, as the pH goes down, the ORP will go up.

I have seen many an operator, when seeing his chlorine spike up or down, due to pH change, immediately change the ORP value to stop/start chlorine production; this is kind of like changing your speedometer, which would be crazy right?

The correct procedure would be to first ascertain what caused your pH to change, correct that, and then change your Set Point on the ORP programming to create more or less chlorine.

So ORP is related to the effectivity of the chlorine, not the volume.
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