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Let's outlaw 'quality'
I’m calling for the
word ‘quality’ to be banned.  At least in
marketing circles. My reason?  It’s simple really – I’m more than a little
fed up with brands telling me they offer a quality service or product.  Only this week, a consistently underperforming

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Will the real #WorldCup sponsors please stand up?
It appears that 38% of consumers in the UK, US and Brazil are mistaken in thinking that Mastercard is a World Cup sponsor according to research from GlobalWebIndex.  The genuine sponsor, Visa, scored just a marginally higher recognition at 42%. The confusio...

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#WorldCup - where have the all B2B marketers gone?
Am I alone in thinking
there’s been a muted response from marketers to the World Cup this time around?
Even food retailers have managed to contain themselves to measured promotions
of beer and snack foods in the run up to the tournament. And there’s been a

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89% of Accounting and Finance professionals expect a pay rise in the next 12 months compared to 77% nationally. The 2014 Hudson Salary & Employment Insights are available now. Find out more -

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'Share of life' - the new marketing metric?
Not a week seems to go
by without a piece of research focused on major brands.  The latest is the BrandZ list of the world’s
most valuable brands. In a shock move, Google has displaced Apple as the world’s
most valuable brand while Ford has re-entered the l...

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Big data? It's the little things that count
There's much talk about 'big data' with its potential to better understand customer behaviour and tailor service and offerings appropriately. Great idea, but I can't help thinking that organisations would do well to master the 'small data' they have at pres...

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Political parties need to learn lessons from successful brands
In twelve months' time the UK goes to the polls in a general election. Over the next year we can expect to see a fair amount of posturing and positioning by political parties in an attempt to win votes. Party political broadcasts, advertising campaigns and ...

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Open source branding - 5 ways to manage the process
We're living in the age of "open source branding".  Gone are the days when brand managers could focus on well-crafted advertisements to build and protect brand reputations. Today, the health and wealth of your brand is determined by what your customers are ...

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Great brands instil emotional connections
Research out recently ranks UK brands on happiness and how they instil an emotional connection with their customers. According to the study by advertising agency Isobel and Cog Research, the happiest brands are Cadbury, Andrex, Google, Fairy, Nivea, You Tub...
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