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Now that i'm starting to work more as an independent contrator, I have a new idea for how to sell agencies on not only hiring me to build +MODX websites for their clients, but for hiring me to build their website.

I'm hoping that once they see what I'm able to offer my clients with modX they'll want to be able to do the same for theirs.

I've long envisioned giving my clients the ability to login and view things like invoice, internal documentation. All protected of course.

After reading up on contexts in Bob Ray's Official Guide and +Shaun McCormick Security overview, I've already got a lot of the pieces put together.

Each client will have it's own context associated with it's own subdomain. When clients login the Resources and Elements tabs are hidden but they will have the ability to managed their own S3 bucket via the Files tab. This makes it easy for us to share files securely.

They'll also be presented with some custom dashboard widgets. Things like invoices and upcoming meetings will be displayed here, along with any FAQs or documentation, or even Google Analytics via the Big Brother add on.

I'm using Articles to manage internal site documentation and events, works great. Combined with commenting it almost feels like a mini-basecamp.

Security in modX
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Never heard of MODX how is it different then Wordpress or Durpal?
+Almog Koren, I'm glad you asked! I've built several Wordpress sites, but have never used Drupal. I can tell you that modX is much more similar to something like Drupal, then Wordpress. modX and Drupal are both true content management systems, where as Wordpress is more of a blogging platform commonly used as one.

modX is a great solution if you are looking for something that doesn't constrain you in any way. You have total control of your data. How it's organized, what it is, what the templates are, what properties those templates have.

It's also very easy to develop with modX because the way Resources (Pages) are managed is in a tree format, so the way you managed the content resembles its final output (HTML, XML). Markup is nodes inside nodes, modX is resources inside resources.

Some Websites I've built in modX: (blog in WordPress)
thats a great use of some modx features - contexts, media sources. I'd like to try that myself!
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