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So today seems to be the day that a ton of people I know joined g+. Jury is definitely still out on whether I'll get anything out of this that Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr don't already give me.
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Absent a major innovation, social networks are natural monopolies. (Which is what's so damning about the failure of MySpace.) So once Facebook had everyone you knew, Twitter emerged to more efficiently disseminate news and allow you to follow people you don't know (before there were robust Fan pages). Tumblr offers longer posts and more robust media (though I'm still not competely sold on it.) G+ has videochat. Do I need that? As it is, I spend way too much time on social networks.
If someone lists you as an "acquaintance", that person is an asshole, right?
Depends how well you know them. Also, you'll never know.
I think this could replace Twitter for non-famous people and people who still aren't on Twitter. Twitter is too overwhelming now for real back and forth. It kind of needs something like different "circles" of streams.
It's the "you'll never know" thing that's so nice, though. It puts the segmentation into the user's hands instead of forcing you to work within groups defined by the system--meaning that you don't have to mess around in the picayune Facebook privacy settings screen and THEN put everyone in lists in order to prevent your boss from seeing that video of the time you ate a carton of cigarettes for $20 and a Ben Zobrist rookie card.

It's still a totally time-consuming pain in the ass to put people into the Circles that you want--coding a database always is, even it's drag-and-drop. I mean, I sure haven't done it yet...but that's on me. If I'm comfortable posting this comment and having no effing clue where it's going, okay. But in the meantime it's nice to know that when someone "adds" me on here, that doesn't mean anything except that they might share stuff with me--not that I have to then have to watch what I post because it'll automatically be shared with them if I'm not careful.

This feels like a step forward, is what I'm saying.

Also, the Hangouts are awesome.

Okay, bye.
I thought the whole point was that it's Facebook but without all the people.
Wouldn't a big advantage of this also be the possibility (eventually) of increased and improved integration with all of the other bits of Google most of us already use? Google Docs, Google Reader, Calendar, etc.? Maybe there are already applications that integrate Google and Facebook?
That's pretty much all I want it to do.
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