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My thoughts on why marketers should use Tinder to test their skills and discover new opportunities for business

Huge thanks to +Salford Business School and +Aleksej Heinze for giving me the opportunity to share it!

#tinder   #creativemarketing   #marketingtips  
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Social Media Online Meetup:
- how to create visuals
- how to optimize your YouTube channel
- how to build a community on Twitter

#socialmedia   #socialmediatips   #youtube   #visualmarketing  
Check out the recording of the recent +SEMrush Social Media Online Meetup. The leading experts +Donna Moritz+Nathan Hague, and +Olga Andrienko revealed their social media marketing tips along with practical, real-life examples.
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How to build community, measure social media success and stay authentic in the world of so much automation
My interview with awesome hosts +Robert O'Haver and +Caleb McElveen 

Huge thanks to +Omi Sido for sharing it :)

#searchtalklive   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing  
Social media and how to leverage it for your business -
via +Search Talk Live 

When you take a company as industry-respected as +SEMrush  and increase their online social engagement by 400% in your first year, you must be pretty good at your job, right!?

A specialist in conversion and online relationship marketing +Olga Andrienko  has in a few short years catapulted herself into the forefront of the international Social Media conversation with her relentless work ethic, innovative thinking, and surprising accessibility.

Under her guidance as the Head of Social Media, +SEMrush is today considered the world's leading competitive research service for online marketing.

In addition to this, Olga has also been featured in a substantial number of publications including Founder, +Sprout Social, +Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Examiner .

#digitalmarketing   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #semrushchat  
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Now, this is truly exclusive and very exciting!
+David Amerland himself is coming to SasCon to give away 500 signed copies of his bestselling "SEO Help" book. And +SEMrush made sure you get your copy for free!
If you haven't yet booked your ticket to SasCon 2016, you still have 2 days left.

I am so excited about this, it feels like Christmas really came early this year :)

#sascon2016   #onlinemarketing   #semanticsearch   #seotips  
Get a Free Signed Copy of a bestselling book

If you're attending SASCon ( at the Manchester Metropolitan University, yours truly will be at hand to sign copies of SEO help courtesy of +SEMrush. Hope to see some of you there. :)
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Ways to localise your global brand [Video] 
My #BrightonSEO  presentation 
brought online by +Kate Makulova and to Google+ by  +Omi Sido :)

#marketingtips   #marketingstrategy  
Ways to localize your global brand - 
with +Olga Andrienko (+SEMrush
video by +Kate Makulova 
‪#‎BrightonSEO‬ ‪#‎BestofBrightonSEO‬ ‪#‎semrush‬
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My take on "daily habits of successful entrepreneurs"
Honoured to get a special post by +Omi Sido  with my recent #SEMrushchat  quote. 

" I doubt if passion is a habit, but passion keeps entrepreneurs going " - +Olga Andrienko 

#semrushchat #digitalmarketing
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Email Marketing Tips
A thorough recap of the #SEOcafe  Twitter chat and the webinar with an awesome marketing expert +Stephan Hovnanian

A few takeaways:
- divide your mailing list into small groups
- create compelling subject lines and powerful CTAs,
- define the best time for sending your emails 

Discover more tips in the post by +Anastasia Sidko 
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Google Analytics for Content Marketers
Join +SEMrush free webinar with an awesome web analytics expert  +Benjamin Mangold of +Loves Data to discover new ways to measure the impact your content has on your marketing success! 

#webinar   #googleanalytics   #webanalytics   #contentmarketing  
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If you're reading this in your feed, that means you've followed at least one of 17 Google+ accounts +Omi Sido recommends you to :) 
Seriously, follow all of them! I am flattered to be included. Thank you, Omi!
#onlinemarketing   #marketingexperts  
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Blue Ocean Blogging Strategy
How to think outside the box

I absolutely love this post by +CoSchedule 
It's a lot less technical than the book and Gareth found a great way to apply the Blue Ocean Strategy to your content marketing strategy. Discover new ways to do things! 

#contentmarketing   #contentstrategy   #bloggingtips  
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