Hello, Jammers. Currently, I'm the only moderator here (besides 2023zhanl38, of course), so I have a lot to do. I just want to report you guys about this scammer. She is a big time scammer. I can't count how many times I've caught her scamming. 2023zhanl38 also has video proof on her channel. The scammer's username is Ee4r, I just want to warn you guys for her. And if she trades fairly, you can accept; just watch out for her when she tries to scam. When she tries to scam, this is what she does:

Ee4r: If you accept my trade, you get my whole trade list. (puts good items on trade)
Jammer: Okay! (puts items on trade)
Ee4r: (trades bad item for the Jammer's item)
Jammer: (accepts the trade)
Ee4r: (unbuddies and runs off with the Jammer's item(s))

I've never gotten scammed by this person because I've seen her scam using this method. She's attempted with me lots though and I just want to warn you guys not to trust her or anyone who uses that method to scam.
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