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Train trip! Apparently L wants to go to Wales to see Glenda the dragon.

Let the planning commence!

I hope all those affected by the storm can keep safe today.

On a selfish note, I'm glad we picked up our caravan yesterday before the storm started. Gives us a chance to dehumidify and clean before next weekend. :)

"I could have told him I loved him because in that moment, I did, because seeing anyone so clearly, having so little standing between you and another human being is exactly what love is."

I like that. That sits right in my bones.

When I added up how much a night out to Rocky Horror cost for us both, I realised we could have gone to an Empire player event instead, fully catered. Value for money right there.

It was a really good couple of hours though, I can't deny it. :)

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This is just fantastic, and now I have a go-to video to show people who ask me what games I suggest for couples to play.

Just got excited: it's #TitansGrave tomorrow. :)

I admittedly saw this a while ago, so this is slightly behind the curve, but it was still an amusing, true-to-life review of Jupiter Ascending:

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The squee... I just can't help it... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
My latest tee Linkachu is up for voting on +Qwertee.
If you like it please vote it and share it, thank you! :)

#pokemon   #zelda   #pikachu   #link   #nintendo  

Argh. Fed up of referencing things now. <headdesk>

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