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Tracy Momaical
Former radio doyenne and professional smart-ass turned blogger.
Former radio doyenne and professional smart-ass turned blogger.

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My Hot New Addiction
"You look FABULOUS! There's something different about you....What's going on?" I smile and wink. And keep doing it. I'm hooked. Before long, I'm doing it in public. At the pool. Grocery shopping. Can people tell? Do they know? What would they say? Will they...

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Advice on How to Save on Your Heating Bills
Winter coming around can be a frightening prospect for some people -
it's going to get cold, and to top it all off, you have to spend more to stay
warm. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will end up to be a winter that's not so
cold. Maybe you'll save just a li...

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Fun Ways to Decorate a Kid's Room
When it comes to interior decorating, few places offer the opportunity for fun and whimsy that a child's bedroom does. No colour, no theme, almost nothing is too strange if it creates a comfortable space where kids can play and express their creativity. A c...

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Holy Cow. I've Written Something.
It takes someone special to pull me from my writing hiatus. I never meant to actually stop writing - it just kind of happened. Life got in the way. Not an excuse, more like an explanation. Anyway one of my special friends with whom I had the pleasure to per...

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As a parent, it's easy to forget how much time, effort, frustration and love goes into being a teacher. With the hustle and bustle of work, dinner, homework, sports, bathing, relaxing and life in general - I don't often think about all my daughter's teacher goes through on a daily basis to get my stubborn and bright girl to stay on task. I do realize that my daughter is growing and getting more knowledge every day. And, this week is the week to take a few moments to thank her. As well as any other teacher, as it's Teacher Appreciation Week. Have a teacher to thank? Here's a video for you to say thanks to the special teachers in your life! #ThankATeacher #ad

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Check out how gorgeous the Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System made my daughter's hair!

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Zelo Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System
My daughter has unbelievably gorgeous hair. She loves it long and wild - wild being the key word. Getting her to brush her hair on a daily basis is an exercise in futility. I'm always looking for some product to make this easier on both of us: leave in cond...

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Listen to Your Mother - San Francisco
Every once in a great while you are part of something spectacular. Something so special that you can't explain it adequately and you can't understand the emotion surrounding it until you're ensconced in it. And when you're in the middle of it - you can't ev...

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My daughter lost a tooth. Which means I will have to take out a small business loan to keep up with the Jones' these days.....

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Tooth Fairy Highway Robbery
Parents, it’s time we get together for a little tête-à-tête.
So often people come together in the world of blogging to offer sage advice, hope, commiseration, and
laughter about the foibles of parenting. I think it’s time we all arrive at a
consensus on one...
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