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Things Are
So you can tell we're true friends, invisible audience, because I appear in short bursts of raw, jagged emotions, pouring my heart out and pleading for silent support, and then I am gone again, leaving you wondering what's going on and assuming the best or ...

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Non Super Power
"Mom, if you could have one power that's not a super power, what would it be?" little kid asked at the dinner table tonight. I thought about it for a moment, trying to size up what a non-super power power would be, when Big Kid confidently answered, "I'd wa...

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Better Because of You
There's a tendency to only turn to you all for the very, very highs and the very, very lows and to become consumed with "real" life in the in between. In doing so, a lot gets lost and entire chapters of the story go untold. Lately, it seems that I can only ...

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Dear Universe,
Okay. Where do I begin? Getting real sick of your shit, to be honest. I mean, I think I do my fair share when it comes to sharing the spotlight with you and trying to work through the chaos you are constantly creating (and it's not me that creates it, it's ...

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Treehouse Without a Tree
My BFF and I are making great progress on our commune. I have secured my own house in her backyard. 10-year-old me is like, "FUCK YEAH!!" 38-year-old me is like, "Hey, remember this time last year when you bought a real house?" 10-year-old me is like, "IT H...

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To My Sons,
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry the life I had planned for you isn't going as planned. I'm so sorry I stayed in this marriage for as long as I did, and I'm so sorry I can't stay in it for longer. I'm so sorry that your lives are being divided. I'm so sorry I nev...

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Time Machine
I wake up every morning really scared, and if I don't pass out from exhaustion, I go to sleep that way too. I cry every day. I am realizing people are not who I thought they were, including myself, and learning things about my life I did not know. I only pu...

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Dear Dad,
Three years ago today I was still awake as dawn swept in and as I looked out at the soft pink sky and the fog rising from the lake, I knew it was the day that you'd get on the road again. For good. And so I cleaned your room, and washed your hands, and goog...

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Flying Too Close to the Ground
My dad and I really only had three things in common -- music, politics, and a shitty sense of humor, and we disagreed on all of the above to the point of near fury at times. When I was little I was force fed a steady diet of Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard ...

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Inappropriate Happiness
As previously mentioned, my friend Lyn and I went to see My Fair Lady at the theater recently. My Fair Lady is three and a half hours long, a previously unknown fact that required us to order two drinks at a time in order to cope with the thought. We were a...
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