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New Sony Smart Watch firmware update. Tons of new and cool watch faces! 
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Bugs in the new Smartwatch Software.

Double tap to display the time no longer works reliably. This is a real nuisance. It used to work every time. Now you often have to use the Power button to get the time to display.
The option to Sort Widgets and Applications is not working properly. You Can only drag an app/widget to the top of the list. It used to be possible to drag it to any position. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

Why can't Sony test their software properly before releasing it.
Even worse - There is no way to actually log a bug report with Sony.

I do like the new faces, but wish that they would give us the option of:-
1. Choosing the colour for any face,
2. Choosing the activation method for any face
3. Allow us to determine what additional information we require for each face, such as Date, DOW,  Month Battery etc.
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