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Windows 10 Upgrade Problems and Solutions
Some Computer Problems Before or After Upgrading Windows 10? Hello, are you wondering to upgrade your Windows XP , 7 or 8 into the newest
Windows 10,
but, still have some problems to resolve before the upgrade? Or you do have
already updated your compu...
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Bad Gateway Error Problems and Solutions
Bad Gateway Error Messages Pop out on Your Cell Phone or PC? " Hello!
This morning, while I was trying to click and open a website with my Windows 7 computer, I just got a unfamiliar 502 bad gateway error message. I did have
tried to visit this certain ...
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Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format
Says Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format   Hello, friends there! Find you just can not
format a SD card or Micro SD memory card of
your digital camera or mobile phone since it says: "Windows is unable to
complete format" on your Windows XP, 7...
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Recover Data from Accidentally Shrunk Partition
Accidentally Shrink a Partition with Valuable Data. Is It Possible to Recover
It Back? " Hello!
In this morning, I accidentally shrank the main partition on my WD external
hard disk from 1TB into 320 GB on my Windows 8 computer. All my stored
documents, f...
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External Hard Drive Shows as Device Not Ready
Hard Drive Is Not Accessible Since The Device Is Not Ready? " Hello,
I have a 1TB WD external hard disk that always works fine on my Windows laptop,
which often is used at home, since it was bought about several months ago.
However, recently, when ...
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Cannot Find Old Files on an Old Hard Disk
Old Files Be Restored from Old Hard Disk? " Hello!
Recently, my computer internal hard disk kicked the bucket and let me have to
buy two hard disks instead in the end. The new SSD was planed to be used for computer
Operating System loading and installin...
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Best Way to Move Windows to a Larger Drive without Reinstallation?
I Move Windows from One Drive
to Another without Reinstallation? Situation1 : Hello, in order to extend my
Windows 8 computer memory, I do have chosen a new larger SSD which could be used
to replace my old internal hard disk that has many bad sectors. H...
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Cannot Merge Unallocated Space to C Drive
Troubles in Merging Unallocated Space to C Drive? " Hello,
friends there! Recently, I have many troubles to merge the unallocated space of
my photo partition to the C drive on my Windows 7 laptop. What can I do now to
fix this? Honestly, the unallocate...
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How Do I Back up Computer Data to Toshiba Storage External Drive?
I Want to Back Up Computer drive Documents to External Drive! " Hey,
how do you guys often back up your computer internal hard disk data to external
hard disk? Honestly, I had got my own laptop about several months ago and
didn’t know it was really n...
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How to Convert HDD from Basic to Dynamic without Losing Drive Data?
to Convert a Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk Safely? " Hello,
what am I supposed to do? I want to convert my HDD from Basic to Dynamic on my
Windows 7 computer for future use. But, I am really familiar about such
converting technologies. Do you have ever tri...
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