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The New Earth Society is a new movement dedicated to changing the world through our own personal actions. We will discuss the concept of personal responsibility for the world around us and ask what are some basic actions we can take to live more compassionately. Our intention is that by living more compassionately ourselves, we will affect the world around us in a positive manner and spread the message around the world.

The meeting will start with a short meditation, some opening remarks by the founder of this movement, and then a discussion about what it means to live a compassionate life.

Please bring your friends and your ideas, and let's figure this out together. In future meetings we will dive deep into specific individual topics, and what does it mean to apply compassion to those individual areas of our lives.

At the end of each meeting we will all commit to whatever action we individually feel is the way to implement the ideas discussed before the next meeting. In other words, everyone gets to decided what their own homework is!

We look forward to seeing you at our first event! Please spread the word.

These meetings are provided on a donation basis for now, but when we move to a larger venue, we will be asking for a set fee to cover the room costs, but no one will ever be turned away for lack of money.

You can RSVP here as well:

Just to let everyone know, we'll be closed on Monday, Labor Day, September 2nd. We'll be back on Tuesday the 3rd! See you all then!

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Ms. Hong Zhang, a New York State-licensed clinical social worker with more than 15 years' experience, will address the following topics: common forms of depression and anxiety; signs and symptoms; causes; and available treatments, including recent, cutting-edge therapies. The English presentation will be at 6:00PM and the Chinese one at 7:00PM.

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Our video needs to be updated, but it still gives you the basics!

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Just set up our Google+ page for Double Diamond Wellness. Please follow us!
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