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Jim Shepard
Noble Service, Cheerfully Rendered
Noble Service, Cheerfully Rendered

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Won't be long now, eh? More and more excited daily when I stop and think about it. There's a lot of work to do, both for the launch itself and the days after, but it is thrilling all the same.

Today's musical awesomeness is this chiptune album from one Danimal Cannon. Never heard of the man before today, but 15 seconds in to that track "Roots" I was sold on the album.

Yeah yeah, Shepard get off the cross, somebody needs the wood. But: every minute spent NOT playing Skyrim is just pure first-world misery.

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The non-disclosure part of the SWTOR testing agreement is now dropped. What that means is you can share your stories, screenshots and other information with anyone you like. If you're having a great time, spread the word! If you're having a terrible time, delete clientregistry.blob and then send hand drawn pictures of angry, angry bees to +Georg Zoeller

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Got in some awesome Skyrim time last night, but it is back to the Fungeon this morning as some lingering issues with localization need to be crushed. Today's adventures are scored by the most badass skalds of the modern world, Amon Amarth.

Amon Amarth "War of the Gods" (OFFICIAL)

Listening to a quartet of QA in the pit behind me who are playing one of the high-end flashpoints. The chatter, laughter, and hilarious cries of "no YOUR heals are bullshit!" is genuine. Some cliche about the whole being the sum of the forest's trees goes here, right? Anyway, good times.

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Our team's Production Manager was out this morning, so someone at the standup needed to have an arm covered in awesome dragons. I heeded the call.

Mighty flames of the Arm Dragon

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Today's bug-crushing soundtrack starts with Master of Puppets. It hit me when I got to my desk this morning, then realized I forgot to stop in the kitchen for coffee. Back to the Front!

Metallica - Disposable Heroes | with lyrics

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Here's a video showing the progression of the dastardly Imperial Agent. At 1:29 or so you will see the arrival of my favorite tiny friend: The Brobe.

STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - Character Progression -- Imperial Agent

Cruel cuts at WB from what I hear. I'm so sorry fellas, that's terrible news. I know Austin is pretty far from Seattle but I'd be happy to help.

I'm no good at racing games but I want to play Forza. There's not time though, my game-playing schedule would be packed to the fishy gills even if I had two weeks off. Right now it is crunch, Dark Souls, Battlefield Triple, and then in ten days UNLIMITED DRAGONS also I want to play War In The Norf.
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