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Jewelry tutorials, videos, and resources for your indie jewelry business!
Jewelry tutorials, videos, and resources for your indie jewelry business!

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DIY Leather Infinity Loops / Figure 8 Links - Leather Jewelry Tutorial

In this video I'll show you how to make figure 8 shaped links using leather. These unique links can be used to create fun and interesting leather jewelry. I'll give you some ideas at the end of the video. I'd love to hear your ideas too! Enjoy :)

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How to Make Leather Knot Earrings - Easy #DIY Leather Earring Tutorial

In this episode I show you how to make a pair of knotted leather earrings with beaded dangles. This is a quick and easy pair of earrings to make and great for using up scraps of leather leftover from other projects.

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How to Make Bead Dangles - Simple DIY headpin + beaded dangle tutorial. {Beginner Wire Jewelry Technique}

Learn to make your own DIY headpins and how to make a simple wire loop at the top of a bead. These cute and easy beaded dangles are a great way to add flair, color, and movement to your jewelry designs!

#jewelrymaking #diyjewelry #withcaptions #beginnerjewelrymaking #jewellerymaking

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How to Make Adjustable Wire Bracelets - #DIY Adjustable Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

In this video, I'll show how to make adjustable wire bracelets. As far as I'm concerned, this is the easiest and fastest way to make these adorable adjustable bangles!

#diyjewelry #jewelrymaking #howto #diybracelets #craftideas

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DIY Hoop Earrings / Wine Charm Rings Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Learn to make your own hoop earrings or wine charm ring findings! In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn the right kind of wire to use for this project, how to prepare the wire, and how to shape the hoop.

Then I'll show you how to work harden your hoop earring for strength, and we'll finish the ends off so they're nice and smooth to put in your ears. When your hoop earrings are finished, you can wear them as is, or attach a charm or dangle for a totally different look!

For wine charms, attach whatever charms you'd like to use in various colors :)

For more info about the tools and supplies used in this video, visit:

#jewelrymaking #diyjewelry #diyearrings #withcaptions

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Easy DIY Leather Wrap Crystal Necklace Tutorial #jewelrymaking #diyjewelry #diynecklace

Today’s tutorial is a quick and easy DIY Leather Wrap Crystal Necklace. This chic boho style necklace can be cute and colorful like mine or you can obviously tone it down a notch using more neutral traditional leather colors. This fun style requires only…

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#Halloween #DIY - Spider Web Earrings Tutorial - Wire Cobwebs (Easy last minute Halloween costume idea)

Be festive for Halloween with these wire wrapped spider web earrings without having to spend a lot of time or money!

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#JewelryMaking for Beginners - How to Use Nylon Jaw Chain Nose Pliers (& How to Straighten Jewelry Wire)

A commonly asked question from jewelry making beginners and those who are new to wire wrapping is 'what kind of tools do you recommend?'

Aside from the essential tools I cover in another video, these nylon jaw pliers are a valuable addition to any jewelry making toolbox

If you plan to do a lot of wire wrapping and wire working, a pair of nylon jaw chain nose pliers is a must! In this video I'll show you several ways to use nylon jaw pliers.



Check out my 5 star 3 hour video course, Wire Wrapping for Beginners:

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How to Replace the Jaws on Nylon Jaw Pliers - #JewelryMaking #Tools

If the jaws on your nylon jaw chain nose pliers need replacing but you're not sure how to go about doing that, this video will help!

Most nylon jaw plier replacement tips come without any holes in them, but you have to attach them to the pliers with screws. Instead of using a drill, try this simple technique!

I have found this method to work much better as it allows the screws to grip into the nylon jaws better so they aren't too loose.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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How to Put on a Lobster Claw Bracelet with One Hand

This video is a response to a question from a student, and it's not the kind of thing that's very easy to explain in writing so I thought I'd make a quick video to show how you can put on a lobster claw bracelet using only one hand.

If you're not used to wearing bracelets with lobster claw clasps, you might find it a bit difficult, but there is definitely a trick to it :)

If you're not already a student, you can find out more about my Wire Wrapping for beginners course here:

Thanks for watching!

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