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"Discover your best"
"Discover your best"


Post has attachment is wealth .... life with gym and workouts have given me an active life style ..but taken an xtra time is devoted to GYM Health have always been a top priority ..I have been exercising for years now but not strictly following the gym routine but now hour every da...

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yet to digest !
Sometimes I think I get to meet all kinds of people...some are really hard to believe.... they have different opinion  when we talk about the modern world ..less work , simplify life ..add meaning to your living.. This American women I met at work shared he...

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what to eat?
With so many do's and dont's .. there stands a contradiction .,, what's good for health ..are we left with any options ?? lets filter options.. Totally confused ... Sugar .. bad for health and increases weight .. one gets prone to diabetes salt ..excess sal...

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but nothing beats ..bengali fish curry with boiled rice.. I'm totally hooked..
a comfort food in true sense.. works winters ,summers , snow storm or feeling depressed ..
seems like my past has something to do with Bengal.. :-)

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after effects
  T he after effects of diwali with demonetization of indian ruppee created imbalance among people hue and cry could be heard from far..  where ever Indians exist.. around the globe...  I check my wallet .. last indian visit left me with rs13000  .. tried t...

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Good books..
.. I am sometimes surprised by lack of maturity or wisdom when I see people deliberately trying to make a fool of themselves..  fool for what? you might be wondering...  In today's world everything is materialistic .. or something I would say status symbol....

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being punjabi,,
.. Sometimes I feel being an indian and then a punjabi is deadly combination , an action to a reaction ..n then finally there is some melodrama ,,,  Kids when they grow up and understand the language its always fun to see how they react to an indian phrase ...

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 all we all need to do is PLEAD of God  .. what happened in pairs is yet to be digested ,, what happened in USA is never forgotten ..what happened in India is still bleeding ..what happened in Syria people are still crying  .. I m really surpris...

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being naked!
Every moment lif we learn but some times real life instances make you wonder ..where is the limit?? some people surpass every limit.. I workout everyday an hour in Gym .. ..The women s lockers are like right in front as you enter there are lockers n then po...
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