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Watch tacica - Leo music video #jpop #tacica #anisong #musicvideo #music #anime #Haikyuu
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Fallschirmjäger In Normandy

Fallschirmjäger tank-hunting team equipped with Panzerschreck and Panzerfaust with a knocked out Sherman in Normandy - 1944
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Told the wife the other day
That, if, I opened a small shop
There would be robots...
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Stug IV with Intricate Ambush Pattern Camo on the Side Skirts
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Tomomi Ogawa 小川 ともみちゃん
Haruna Ono 小野 春菜ちゃん
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Here's the rest of my birthday cake
To go with the real pizza today
Pretty amazing!!!!
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looks like a real legit pizza :O
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