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I am considering upgrading from the Basic G Suite plan to the Business plan primarily for the Apps Maker. I would like to create event apps where we could provide attendees with information pertaining to the event (Venue, location, etc...) and to communicate with them with event status updates. Additionally, we would like for attendees to be able to communicate with us as well. Would I be able to create such an app with the Google Apps Maker? Thanks.

Hi folks. I am trying to create a second job in AutoCrat. However, for some reason, AutoCrat does not accept the destination folder. AutoCrat does connect with Drive as it lists all of my folders. However, whichever folder I select, AutoCrat doesn't accept it (No Documents). I'm not sure how to resolve this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Is it possible to have autocrat populate one document per several form submissions or will it only populate one doc per form? If this addon will only populate one doc per form, does anyone know of an addon that can merge form submissions into one doc? Thanks.

Hi folks. I have a personal gmail account and G Suite using my business email address. I share files from my personal to my G Suite account. Everytime a Google form is submitted, AutoCrat sends an email from my personal gmail address. However, I want it to send emails from my business email address. Is there a way that I could get AutoCrat to send emails from my G Suite business email address? Thanks.

Hi folks. I'm new to AutoCrat. I have a G Suite account. I cannot get AutoCrat to send emails. I have it set for 'Run on form trigger'. However, this issue persists. Does anyone know of a solution? Thanks.

For the past few days, I am been having problems opening Feedly. It says that it might be blocked by extensions. However, I tried opening Feedly in 3 browsers with the exact say results. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks.

Does Awesome Tables appear in browsers other than Chrome? I tried viewing a page that contains a table in Microsoft Edge and Firefox. All I see is a box asking me to log into Awesome Tables. Please advise. Thanks.

I am trying to use the FAQ With Accordions template. I cannot figure out how to delete FAQ-001 or at best, assign this hyperlink a different url. The url that it points to cannot be found on the spreadsheet, How can I delete this hyperlink or at best, point it to a different url? Thanks.

I'm new to Awesome Tables. I just embedded a slideshow on a New Google Sites page. I found three issues:

1. When opening the page, a page redirect url briefly appears within the Awesome Tables box.

2. The slideshow takes a couple of seconds to load.

3. The slideshow url is not accepted when changing the image within the header.

Is there a way to resolve these issues? Thanks.

Can Autocrat assign unique numbers per invoice? Thanks.
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